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All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy
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Apr 29, 2008

bookshelves: fiction, abandoned, to-read

Thank god my book club didn't mind too much that I hadn't finished this. I'm really glad to be off the hook for it.

I've tried finishing this novel at least three times that I can remember. It just bores me to tears.
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message 1: by Will (new)

Will Bellais Here is a very good book. I would give it 4 stars. The story is gripping and compelling. Cormac McCarthy captures the border region with great clarity. The relationships are well delineated. Too bad the film did not capture McCarthy's vision.

message 2: by Kelly (new) - added it

Kelly Soooo... maybe this shouldn't be my first McCarthy read?

message 3: by Conrad (new) - added it

Conrad The only other McCarthy books I've read are The Road and Blood Meridian. They're both accomplished works and I'd recommend either, but I like Blood Meridian better.

message 4: by Kelly (new) - added it

Kelly Thanks. I'll go have a bookstore coze with the both of them and see which one I like better. :)

message 5: by Conrad (new) - added it

Conrad Lots of smart people love ATPH. It just didn't grab me.

I can't imagine cozing with either Blood Meridian or The Road. They're both brutally violent and horrifying. Good luck, though!

message 6: by Kelly (new) - added it

Kelly Cozing was probably a bad word. How about 'sitting on the edge of a chair in horror until I decide which one I like being horrified by'? :)

message 7: by Taylor (new)

Taylor No Country for Old Men was awesome. Only one of his I've read, though, so I can't compare it with the others. Everyone's told me to read The Road next, so that'll likely be my next one of his.

Ruth I've liked almost everything by CMC that I've read.

No Country and The Road are the books that are easiest to read. ('m talking writing style, not subject matter.) Followed I think, by the Border Trilogy. Blood Meridian is something else.

I disliked Suttree, but lots of people whom I respect love it.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Quick story on how I came to Cormac. When I was an undergrad, I used to make a yearly pilgrimmage to Faulkner's house in Oxford, MS. (One year I hopped the plexiglass barrier to lie and roll around on his bed.) Oxford is also where Larry Brown, God rest his soul, lived, and I hunted him out one year, since I was a fan of his work. He asked me to meet him at Ireland's, a bar in town, and we drank and smoked cigarettes all night. He had a curious habit of rotating between menthol and non-menthol. Anyway, at the end of the night, each of us gloriously drunk, I asked him to tell me about some writer that I needed to be reading who I probably hadn't heard of. "Cormac McCarthy," he said, and this was before ATPH, so Cormac was pretty little known. It was also before Amazon, so finding his books wasn't easy. Anyway, that's how I came to Cormac. I'm sorry Larry Brown died so young. His novel JOE is one of my favorite books.

Anyway, I'm with Ruth on this. SUTTREE was an inordinate amount of work for a pretty low payoff. However, now that his western work is so known, I think the early Southern stuff gets short shrift. BLOOD MERIDIAN is, to me, a masterpiece on par with MOBY DICK, but I also dearly love OUTER DARK, one of the southern books, and CHILD OF GOD is a great read, too. I was a little bored with ATPH, but I loved, loved, loved THE CROSSING, even though the Spanish sometimes left me in the dark. Also didn't think much of his first, THE ORCHARD KEEPER.

Bryce Wilson I'm pretty sure Sutree and Blood Meridian are two of the greatest books of the 20th century.

This is only an opinion but if you disagree you are a mindless, soulless savage.

(pst... sarcasm)

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

I had a soul, Evil Dead Junkie, but I think I lost it reading BLOOD MERIDIAN, Robert, which is why I didn't appreciate SUTTREE as much. I did vastly enjoy that one character (Harrogate?) getting arrested for having been caught copulating with watermelons. Now that's comedy.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Your mere recounting of it is one of the funniest, sickest things I've ever read. And veal. That poor young cow couldn't even catch a break after death.

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