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Twice Her Age by Abby Wood
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Sep 21, 2011

did not like it
Read 2 times. Last read September 20, 2011.

I can't give more than 1.5 stars and I felt 2 was a bit generous, so I gave this a one. Why? Please continue reading if you really want to know.

I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to write this review. I re-read it several times in the past week to make sure I was going to get it right. I even made notes! It's been very hard for me to articulate. Why? I guess because I found that the story for me was a bit jarring and didn't flow well. I felt that the issues at hand were contrived - a little too contrived for believability on my part, at least. I've seen the 4 star reviews.

I think it was jarring because I couldn't quite figure out if the writer (Abby Wood) wanted Mick and Debbie to have a BDSM lifestyle or if they wanted to be edgier vanilla. It's almost like this was meant to be a book on the heavier side of kink (BDSM), but was toned down to try and appeal to a more commercially romance based audience. If that was her intent, I can believe slightly kinky vanilla sex without having to use the word cunt. Or maybe she was trying to do a clever, underlying theme of the story - older man + younger woman = slightly frowned upon; using cunt in the story further plays upon the frowned upon theme? I don't know. That's more analysis about the story than I care to think about...and more than my pea brain can emit in this decade.

I thought I'd enjoy this book. Before I married, I dated older men. I preferred men twice my age. When I was 22-27 I dated men who were usually 40-45. I lived, worked and went to school in San Francisco - I'm a Bay Area girl. So when I came across this book and realized that the setting was, indeed, in the city that I love so dearly...I was happy, but this is where the book let me down. There was no local flavor. I didn't feel like she was able to capture or even give the reader a taste of the city and how it played into Deb and Mick's romance.


Finally, the characters of Deb and Mick themselves...I've met older men where I've had this incredible connection and yes, we had that instantaneous connection upon meeting. However, I (and my friends that have had relationships with older men) felt that these characters were just so far off the mark. How so? I've discovered that men, at any age, are fairly fast to shy away from what they want, despite their protestations. I think that the way Mick reacted was really, really out of character. He struck me as fair. Cutting her off without so much as an explanation, yet knowing she was the love of his life? Childish, unfair and EXTREMELY contrived drama driven moment.

I think that I felt this story was more plot driven than character driven, which is I why I could not fully enjoy it. I kept vacillating between 1 or 2 stars. I liked it enough, but not enough to give it 2 stars.

I'm not sure if the author had a crit partner or a crit group for this work. It feels like so many influences were put in. Too many chefs in the kitchen can spoil the soup. I think if she had stayed true to her vision, this would have been an incredibly moving book.

I am hoping that this is purely a one-off because I enjoyed reading her work - it was nearly flaw free. That alone gets high marks from me!

NB For the reviewer who said she needed brain bleach after seeing the pussy juice reference, I reacted quite differently. I actually laughed. I know I shouldn't have because it was supposed to relay the hotness factor of meeting him and her body's reaction to him, but for some reason it came across as cheesy and well, laughable.
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