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DMT by Rick Strassman
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Sep 21, 2011

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While fascinating Strassman commits just about every logical fallacy there is by the end of the book in considering the implications of DMT experiences. In Chapter 21 he says things that are so intellectually dishonest I was actually infuriated because it mars his entire reputation as a scientist and the actual good scientific research he did conduct. Its one thing to muse about maybes, but he words his speculations in such a way that its obvious he is reaching as far as he can to give them actual scientific credibility. He goes full on Deepak Chopra. I really wish he didn't say things like, "there appears to be evidence to support," things like an immaterial soul leaving the physical body and traveling to parallel universes inhabited by conscious beings comprised of dark matter. I think he was actually ON DMT when he wrote chapter 21. He talks about DMT entities being real multiple times, yet never once mentions the well documented 'sensed presence effect' that often occurs during these types of experiences. Michael Persinger can reliably illicit that effect on subjects in his lab using TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation,) pilots in NASA training centrifuges also report this frequently. This is just one example of how Strassman favors New Age spiritual pseudoscientific explanations over intellectually honest, hard nosed scientific ones. The conclusions he jumps to that absolutely do not follow from the premise would be in good company if they were featured in the incredibly dishonest, What The Bleep Do We Know.


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