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A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison
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Sep 20, 2011

it was ok
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Read from February 28 to March 01, 2012

I just recently finished an entire re-read of the series in order to have it all fresh in my mind. I have to say - I love the series overall, but I do not really love Rachel right now. I don't hate her mind you - but a reader rather expects a certain amount of character progression and growth over the course of a long series like this one.

I, however, did not feel like she exhibited any during at least a little more than the entire first half of this book (plus a number of previous books) to reflect any of her experiences through the course of the series. People have flaws, that's to be expected - but jeez sometimes I wonder how she has managed to even live this long - sheer dumb luck and having others pull her fat out of the fire?? I was constantly getting aggravated with her while reading this and wanted to ass punch her.

I'm sure that there has been some actual growth for her as a character/person but I really wasn't feeling it here. That's what left a bad taste in my mouth. If I ever did a reread again I would probably leave this one out of the rotation.

The interactions, oh don't get me started, all of them seemed very 'topical' like a itch cream you put on to get past some poison ivy or something. Overall I felt it lacked depth to the things that took place or the way the characters dealt/interacted with one another like there was no real substance to anything.

Also, I hate repetitive writing, and do I REALLY need to hear about the darn butterfly chrysalis three times in the first half of the book? REALLY?? Really....Really...too blatant if that's supposed to be setup for something later on. Yeah I threw all the Reallys in there just to annoy you...feel my pain people.

There were of course some saving graces to this book otherwise I would have rated it much lower than a 3 - but for the life of me - I really just can't think of many of them right now. So call me a Negative Nancy. I still enjoyed seeing the characters I've come to love. There was some nice emphasis on Jenks and Ivy "moving on" with their lives - though I got tired of hearing about Rachel whine about it. I liked the idea of Jenks and Belle getting friendly - it worked for me. Other than that - nothing is coming to mind.

Ok, so I change my mind - after writing this - I have to give it a 2...or 2.5. And no I'm not PMSing...I just can't justify something higher in my opinion. Though I'm sure many will disagree. haha
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02/29/2012 page 153
35.0% "What I realized since I just re read all these books back to back recently, is that rachel has not progressed much as far as character and personality goes. She still makes all the same mistakes and has the same hang ups. Its a bit annoying" 4 comments
02/29/2012 page 192
44.0% "I have to admit rachel is just pissing me off in this book."
03/01/2012 page 285
65.0% "Finally seemed to pull her head out of her arse...maybe"

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Sandra I agree this book was a disappointment

Tabitha (Pabkins) Sandra wrote: "I agree this book was a disappointment"

Yeah I'm hoping the last 2 will redeem it. Especially since I've enjoyed all the others up til now.

Rachel Thank you. I needed some validation of some if the issue I saw. The repetitive made this book seem like filler to meet a publication deadline. And I'm tired if Rachel under estimating her opponents and over estimating her abilities.

Tabitha (Pabkins) Rachel wrote: "Thank you. I needed some validation of some if the issue I saw. The repetitive made this book seem like filler to meet a publication deadline. And I'm tired if Rachel under estimating her opponents..."

I'm glad someone agrees with me!~ I still totally love the series but yeah I was let down by A Perfect Blood. I think you will be so much more pleased with the book that directly follows this one! I know I was.

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