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Running into Love by Aurora Rose Reynolds
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really liked it
Read 2 times. Last read July 28, 2018.

Since I love reading contemporary romance, this book ended up on my wishlist because the synopsis sounded so good. I got an e-arc through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I've finished this book within a day, which already tells a bit about how I feel about the book haha. A book I don't like, isn't a book I finish within a day. Soo.. Let me tell you more about Running into love, the first in a new series by the NEW YORK TIMES WALL STREET JOURNAL AND USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Aurora Rose Reynolds.


This was my first book of this author and after finishing this book I immediately added all of her other books to my wishlists as well haha. This book was such a lovely read, from beginning till end.
The story-line wasn't particularly original but the writing style of the author in combination with her amazing, realistic and lovable characters made me fall hard for this first book in a new series! Once started, I just couldn't stop reading anymore. Everything is so fluently and easy written, I devoured every page and I'm really sad it ended because I want more!

I love the male lead, Levi, so much. He was honest, real, disarming, charming and dedicated. I love his dedication towards everything; his dedication to Fawn right from the start, to his family who we meet later on and of course the dedication and love for his job, because knowing he's a police officer doesn't hurt either, lol. - prrrrrrrr.... - Sorry, got a thing for them aside from rockstars, bikers, fighter pilots and atletes, lol.. But really, he's such a lovable character, I couldn't help but swoon big time over him. 

Fawn was a great counter part to Levi. She's dedicated as well towards her job among other things - maybe even more so than Levi -, she loves animals and is also a family person just like Levi. She feels like a very realistic character who loves her job and falls for this new neighbor and from then on she's lost in him.. I totally fell right with her while reading her POV's, because Levi is a character you just can't ignore. I liked how sweet she was and a bit neurotic as well - in a good and fun kind though - and ended up in the most adorable and funny situations hihi.

I love the romance development. I have to say, it's really fast paced from time to time, but somehow it feels just incredibly real and believable. I love the banter between Levi and Fawn and it made me laugh out loud many times. I've had a huge ass smile plastered on my face while reading this book and now still, when thinking back about it and writing my review. The chemistry between them is so palpable and I gobbled it up. I love it how Fawn's dog is overly devoted to Levi right from the start, to Fawn's dismay hehe and the sometimes clumsy moments Fawn experiences, lol. Yep, there's definitely some awesome humor inside this book, just love it. And it really adds to the romance I think. A relationship with this kind of banter and humor aside from the amazing chemistry, is a romance I love to come across.

Aside from the main characters, every side character is also really well written. They're not just fill-ups, but they're really present in the story. I really felt connected to them and reading this book makes me ache for so much more books in this series - Yep, aside from Fawn and Levi, my fangirl heart has been reaaaaaly busy shipping a lot of other couples already, lol. Can't help myself haha. When you read the book, you'll know what I mean.. All of the characters are just such a joy to read about and the build-ups to their stories makes me soooo excited as well! So aside from loving the romance development between Fawn and Levi, there's definitely much more to love about in this book.


If you love contemporary romance books with a really beautiful developed and realistic feeling romance, lovable characters and an addictive writing style this is a book you need to add to your to read list asap. In comparison to other contemporary romance there isn't as much angst woven throughout the story as I've grown accustomed to with reading contemporary romance, but I didn't miss it to be honest. Just like I thought Levi and Fawn were just so cute together and felt so real. Sigh, just loved it haha.

Levi’s just the right amount of Alpha and it’s nice to read about a couple that doesn't has a sh*tload of 'baggage' that's being thrown into the story and messing everything up, for a change. except for both of their loving families being too involved in their lives. That was such a joy to read about haha. Gosh, just thinking back about those moments, makes me laugh all over again and it gives me such a joy's and happy feeling towards the book.

Like I said, this book was such a joy to read and perfect the way it is written and developed on every level and I'm really looking forward for more books in this series. In the meantime I definitely plan on buying more books of this author, read them and getting to know all of the other characters Aurora Rose Reynolds put down on paper so far.
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