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The Scarpetta Factor by Patricia Cornwell
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Sep 20, 2011

liked it

** spoiler alert ** I will, I fear, always be a Scarpetta fan, despite the clunkiness of some of Ms. Cornwell's more recent books (save for "Scarpetta," which is the one before this. Well. we got your Marino, your Lucy, your Jaime Berger, your Benton Wesley, Lazarus-like for the past few works, plus the reappearance of Jean-Baptiste Chadonne, which filled me with glee, as the perfect psychopathological nemesis. All of the action centers around the death of jogger with a strange techno-watch-like-thingy on her wrist, and a celebrity-happy heiress, whose father was a decent man with a boatload of money, with a connection to Lucy, Said heiress disappears mysteriously, and her equally-mysterious husband Bobby a may be a possible suspect(?). I like Marino, seems to have re-gathered his old cursing-but-insightful ways, but he apologizes to Scarpetta far too often (Jeez, I wouldda let 'im go just due to the annoyance factor, not to mention the drunken sexual attack, but I digress). Nonetheless, I found this book entertaining, 'cause the solution kinda creeps up on you. I would have given this four stars, but it seemed to just bog down, especially in two places: The determination of the nature of the package" Scarpetta receives, and the interminable discussion of "who's connected to whom" by all the law-enforcement professionals. I think Charlie Chan or Hercule Poirot coulda done a more efficient job. Seems we have some sloppy editor work here. All that said, not a terrible read, and you KNOW I'm gonna read "Port Authority" as soon as it hits the used-paperback-bookstores.

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