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Felinian by M. Clifford
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Sep 20, 2011

it was amazing
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OMG. O-M-G. I love this book. Back last fall, I won a contest on the author's blog and the prize was an early edition copy of this book. I read it at the time and it was SO interesting to read an early draft from an author. I really enjoyed it, but was also super excited to be able to read the final version. Well, it's available now and I already read it!!! It's amazing. It's got just the right mix of spookiness, teenage angst and exciting mysterious drama. The main character is Katherine Luna. She's a freshman at Sleepy Hollow High, but all her friends from Jr. High are going to a different high school so she's mad and trying to get out of it. She lives in a creepy neighborhood with lots of huge trees and quiet, eerie streets. There's some strange woman who lives by her that's always looking at her and standing in her window wearning a nightgown. As the school year gets going, Katherine starts to make a couple friends....and a couple enemies. She's on the swim team and is a really good swimmer, so some of the older swimmers like her and invite her to come with them to Sleepy Hollow's version of homecoming called The Monster Mash. It's on Halloween so everyone wears costumes. She goes to a party with the upperclassmen after the dance and something terrible happens...

The girls had all dressed up as "good" white witches.....Katherine gets her period for the first time at the party.......wearing tight white pants. She is HUMILIATED in front of all the cool upperclassmen and runs out crying. She looks up and sees a waning, crescent moon in the sky. She doesn't know it yet, but this combination (Halloween/waning moon/coming into womanhood) is a magical combination. She becomes a Felinian. She later finds out what she is and what it all means. Felinian originated in ancient Egypt and are a sort of a breed of powerful cat woman. She has nine lives, but if she loses one, she instantly ages 10 years in the looks department. If she can stay alive, she can live forever. When she has the heat, she has an amazing ability -- she can control the minds and actions of boys with her thoughts. She can make them do anything and, most importantly, she can kiss them. But she has to be careful not to let the kiss last too long, or they could die. And it wouldn't be a normal death because as she kisses them, she's draining their afterlife from their souls. She can't stop herself from sampling every boy in the school when she's in her heat and she does things she's later ashamed of. With the help of the creepy cat lady, Nola, from her neighborhood and from her new friend, Hector, she discovers a way she can maybe reverse the magic that turned her into a Felinian on Halloween night. But she has to do some bad things for a chance at being normal again.

This book is REALLY great!! I love spooky, Halloween books and this one has it all -- scary old ladies, haunted houses, mysterious moon-related happenings, black cats (and other colored cats too;), eerie forests and even a mysterious man who follows Katherine, but always eludes her. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who likes The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Twilight and other books like that. And good news! It's a series! That always makes me happy. There's info on 3 more books from the series on the author's webpage -- They sound really great! Can't wait to find out what happens to Katherine and Hector next!
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M. Clifford Well, you said you couldn't wait to post a review! It was all very very thoughtful. And well written. If you have a spare minute, it would be helpful to me if you posted the review on Barnes and Noble. From the way our last email went, I think it's safe for me to post the link. :)

As always, my many thanks for your support.


LilaBird Of course, M.! I would be happy to re-post my review on the Barnes & Noble page. I'll do it in some other places too for you -- amazon, shelfari, etc. Always glad to help an author I really like! I've been telling all my friends about Felinian -- I can't wait til everybody loves this book as much as I do!!


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