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The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen
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Sep 20, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** we follow young Dominic Saul the summer is spends with his uncle's family... his father an egyptologist (and dead) his mother a believer that she (and he) were descendants of an Egyptian god, teaching him rituals. He kills a goat. His cousin Lily (16 to Dominic's 15) is the only one in the family who is uncomfortable around him. then 9 years later, we are following Lily, a masters in history, studier of demons... her family is dead, she is hiding in Europe, shifting from town to town, taking short term, under the table, paying jobs. Lily is frightened, and when someone inquires about her at work, and she can't get to her money at home, she returns to them to ask for a ride, and theyhave been murdered.

And Rizzoli and Isles are investigating a ritualistic murder on christmas eve - a young woman with all of the body parts cut apart and laid out in different parts of the house, and demon drawings on the floor and wall, and one of the hands belongs to a different, unknown woman. and one of the hands isn't hers. and a call made to Dr. Joyce O'Donnell (Jane and Maura's nemesis - a doctor who 'cared' for Maura's seriel killer birth mother.

Joyce is part of the Mephisto Club, funded by Anthony Sansone (descendant of an evil priest during the Inquisition, who kept meticulous records of who and how he tortured - his son, of one of the women he had tortured and who ultimately died, started the Mephistos, to right the wrongs perpetrated by his father, with his father's money... and fighting evil continued through the generations - and they believe that evil is amoung us - satan, demons, etc. they are reaching out to Maura, to include her in the club, as she has known evil in her mother.. Maura listens, and Anthony is persuasive - though he does not rely on old texts to support his position - he is also invested in the current sciences to track evil and deal with in very human ways...

the second victim is found in Purity, 100 miles above Boston - and the two victims are tied together, being friends who grew up thers, and the Purity victim is found in an abandoned house, owned by Lily Saul - whose family died there - son by accidental drwoning, mother by falling down the stairs, father 'suicide' - shooting shelf in head. Lily went to college, and disappeared. No one would buy the house with its history.

the Mephisto Club locates Lily and brings her to Boston... Lily believed she killed Dominic when she was 16, and 6 months earlier one of the two friends/victims forwarded a postcard with demonic symbols - Lily believed Dominic returned because he had demonic powers. Maura has symbols written on her door, one of the Mephisto club is murdered, and they discover that Dominic wasn't killed by Lily - there is no body in the car she drove into the lake.

So Jane, Maura, Lily, anthony, and 2 other members of the club go to one of the member's cabins in the mountains... and... that club member is in cahoots with Dominic, and they drugged the wine, but Lily and Jane didn't drink much of it... Lily figures out what is happening first, Jane comes to her rescue, killing dominic & Lily killed the other member...

Along the way, Maura and father Daniel fall into bed and admit love... but lots of questions unanswered... Jane and Gabriel are rising a beautiful daughter, and Gabriel continues to be theperfect husband for jane. Jane's mother and father separate - father is having an affair with a blond bimbo at work. and Jane's mom is staying with her. funny scene when Jame's mom goes to a party, and dad shows up and demands she leave as she is dressed improperly. hmmmm


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