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As an anarchist, I think the democratic power of voting is largely an illusion & otherwise beside the point. Nonetheless, I voted in 1984 out of desperation hoping to get Reagan out of office & to get a woman vice-president. Reagan won. That was practically enuf to convince me that the election was rigged right there. Then in 2004 I voted, again out of desperation, for Kerry - to try to get Bush out of office. Failed again. It already seemed clear that Bush was in office in the 1st place b/c of the rigged 2000 election. Along came this campaign to get Rick Santorum out of the Senate for advocating state regulation of people's private lives, etc. Now what's 'strange' about people like Santorum is that it's never HIS LIFE that 'has' to be regulated - it's always someone else's. One of the posters here quotes Santorum himself: "Extremism in leadership is not rewarded." He wasn't re-elected. It's nice to see one of these idiots shot down down every once in awhile - even if it doesn't mean much in terms of overall actual CHANGE. The Partisan Project printed 7,500 of these poster packs & gave them all away. Yeah, it's propaganda - but it's propaganda that admits it's propaganda & I'm fine w/ that. Posters by: David Burns, Art Chantry, Neil Donnelly, Brian Ponto, Post Typography, David Rees, John Reigert, Melina Rodrigo, Larkin Werner, Ted Williams, & Brett Yasko. As w/ the Presidential Elections batch of posters that preceeded this, writer Chris Potter presents us w/ his political views - in this case on why Santorum shd get lost.

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