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Ashes of Midnight by Lara Adrian
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Sep 20, 2011

really liked it

"Ashes of Midnight" is the sixth book in the Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian. If you have been reading my reviews, you know that this series follows a group of vampires known as The Order. Their mission is to keep both the civilian vampire population and humans safe from Rouges. Rogues are vampires who have succumbed to their blood lust and have turned into nothing but vicious, blood drinking killers.

Each book in the series so far has followed a different member of the order. First was Lucan, then Dante, Tegan, Rio, and Nikolai. The sixth book takes a diversion from focusing on The Order to telling the story of Andreas Reichen, who is the head of a Darkhaven in Berlin, Germany. In the last book, "Veil of Midnight," Andresa returns to his home to find everyone inside murdered. This is when we find out Andreas' power - pyrokinetics. His rage burns so hot that a single ball of fire thrown at his estate burns it to the ground. From the moment he discovers the carnage, Andreas knows that an enforcement agent by the name of Wilhelm Roth was the culprit. Andreas and Wilhelm have a past - a past that has collided violently with the present and will only end when one of them dies.

In this book, we find that Andreas has begun taking his revenge against Roth, picking off his guards and anyone associated with him one by one. His final goal is to kill Roth, even though he knows that he might die in the process. Each time he uses his power, the fire consumes him just a bit more, and he requires more blood to recover. His fate seems limited to either succumbing to blood lust or becoming consumed by his power.

Claire Roth is married to Wilhelm - she was also involved with Andreas many years ago. The news of his supposed death hits her hard, so she is shocked when he shows up at her country estate looking for her husband. But, this isn't the Andreas she fell in love with many years ago. Rage and grief have transformed him into a creature hell bent on only one thing: revenge. He tears apart the estate, looking for Roth, despite Claire's protests that her husband does not live there. Her marriage to Roth was a farce from the start and she has spent the past thirty years living apart from him, only seeing him when he needs blood.

When his rage cools enough for him to think clearly, Andreas realizes the danger he is to Claire. He left her because of his power, and now not only does she know what he can do, she has seen him kill. Despite all of this, Claire is determined to help Andreas. She sees glimmers of the man he used to be - the man she used to love. Claire soon realizes that Andreas doesn't want her help - he wants to find her husband and kill him.

Meanwhile, we find out that Dragos, the vampire responsible for waking the Ancient, is stepping up his plans for world domination and with Wilhelm Roth at his side they plan a big surprise for the warriors.

This is a story of star crossed lovers and the perseverance of their love despite daunting obstacles - Claire's blood bond to Wilhelm, Andreas' need for vengeance, and a Breed vampire bent on world domination. But, in the end, nothing and no one can keep Andreas and Claire apart.

"Ashes of Midnight" is a great addition to the Midnight Breed series. It was interesting to learn more about Andreas, a character that we had already been introduced to in previous books. The members of The Order and their mates made appearances throughout the book, giving it a familiar feel, while still being fresh.

We also get a deeper look into the vampire culture in this book as we learn more about Dragos and his plans to create an army of Gen One vampires. This story line has been building over the course of the series, and with a twist at the end of the book, it doesn't seem that it is going to be resolved any time soon. I like that there is a common thread running through all the books, allowing us to both become invested in the mission of The Order as a whole, while also following the love story that is the central focus of each book.

This is another great story with strong characters you quickly grow to love. Andre is beautiful and broken; Claire is hurt but stubborn. All of the Order's warriors are still focused on their mission, while building a true family within the compound. I hope you are reading this series with me. If you are looking for an adult paranormal romance series, the Midnight Breed should definitely be on your reading list

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