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The Traitor Prince by C.J. Redwine
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Thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review, this doesn't in any way influence my opinion on it.

The Traitor Prince is all I was expecting and more. C.J. Redwine is an author who I have been super impressed with ever since The Shadow Queen and she just keeps getting better and better. The Traitor Prince continues this amazing series with the story of Javan, a very interesting and compelling character. He is the Crown Prince of Akram, a kingdom he has been away from for a very long time. Javan has been at the prestigious Milisatria Academy for the Comportment and Education of the Nobility in the northern kingdom of Loch Talam since he was 7 years old. Javan is what we call a ‘Straight A's’ student. Due to the dying wish his mother made, He's made sure he is the best at everything. He never made time to have fun and instead strived for perfection, He never even went home for holidays. Javan eventually graduated with top Honors. The day of his graduation, He is attacked and left for dead by some assassins from his homeland. It is revealed that they were sent to get rid of him so his illegitimate cousin Rashim (who Javan never knew existed and somewhat resembles the Prince) will take his place as the Crown Prince and no one will know better as Javan hasn't been seen in years. Javan luckily survives from the clutches of death and escapes with the intent of stopping the imposter from taking his throne. But as he unfortunately finds out, the betrayal and treachery runs deep. Instead of being liberated, he is branded a traitor and sent to be executed. But for the kindness of a guard whose conscience will not leave him be, he would have been murdered. He is instead sent to the Maqbara, the vicious prison of Akram where the worst of the worst are sent. Javan is thought dead by those who want him gone.
In Maqbara, Javan meets Sajda. She's beautiful and deadly and has been enslaved by the warden of Maqbara since she was a child. Javan has a hard time in the prison as he quickly makes enemy with a thuggish leader of a gang after saving an old man (who is a dear friend to Sajda) from them. Javan learns that a tournament is held twice a year in Maqbara, whoever emerges the champion gets an audience with the king and asks for a boon as long as it is within the parameters of the law. The Tournament won't be easy as it involves many rounds of battling deadly monsters and emerging victorious. But Javan is desperate for any way to get to his father and reveal the treachery (by showing his father something only both of them knows about). What makes the whole situation more precarious is that the King is being slowly poisoned by his enemies unknown to Javan, their plan is for Rahim to ascend to the throne after the death of the king. Javan has to win the tournament for the sake of the future of Akram, He realises that there is no way for him to do it without Sajda's help. He enlists her help by offering her what she wants most, freedom.
Sajda hasn't had an easy life, being enslaved to the villainous Warden at 5 was hard enough, but to have her magic locked away and stifled is the worst. Her powers gave her strength enough to survive Maqbara and the evil prisoners. But what she has always longed for is freedom and knowing what it's like to truly live. Meeting Javan was an unexpected blessing in disguise, they don't have it easy at first. But as they got to know each other, they both begin to realise they are each what the other needs, in more ways than one.
There is so much action and I loved the way it was vividly portrayed, It was like the words came to life. That spellbinding ability is not something all authors have. I finished this book in less than 6 hours nonstop. The romance between Javan and Sajda is amazing, intense, hot, deep, meaningful and it was borne from the rawest of emotions. C.J. Redwine is so good at tugging at my heartstrings and making me fall head over hills for her characters.
Javan is honorable, resilient, loyal and loving, Sajda is badass, guarded but an angel underneath, brilliant, powerful, amazing, and just about every good quality I love in a heroine. The ending of The Traitor Prince was really quite satisfying, There's this understanding that things had to happen the way they did for everything to be alright. I loved the way the brilliant storylines were wrapped up, I can't wait for the next tale in the Ravenspire series.
The Traitor Prince has it all, drama, action, adventure, romance, betrayal, suspense, magic, top notch writing, MONSTERS!! and a resplendent and symbolic breathtaking cover.
I happily recommend it to fantasy fans, It will resonate well with lovers of the series.

P.S: Those glimpses of characters from the previous books are so cherished, It was really nice to at least get those tidbits. (Ari was freaking adorable).

P.P.S:The monsters in this book are terrifying, those who love stuff like that will have a field day. I loved the descriptions and the scenes were so well put together I was too entranced to even be scared.

P.P.P.S: Last one, I have to say this one last time. You will ship Sajda and Javan so hard because they're cool like that.
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