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His Convenient Husband by Robin Covington
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***4 Stars***

"...one prince had everything and lost it, and the other prince had nothing but was willing to fight for the right to have it."

This is my first time reading Robin Covington and it 100% certainly won't be my last. I was sucked in and connected to these characters from the very beginning.

Isaiah and Victor are complete opposites.

Isaiah is an out gay man, however he's quiet about it. He doesn't feel the need to march in parades or publicly speak out about his personal life. He's a widower (his husband died 3 years ago in a car accident), a father, and he plays football. Those are his priorities.

Victor is vocal about what he believes in and feels that his somewhat celebrity status as a popular professional dancer gives him a platform to fight for the rights of LGBTQ+ members around the world. Especially in his home country of Russia.

The attraction between these two is instantaneous. And one night together is enough to calm the desire, but not enough to keep either man far from the other's thoughts. When they decide to marry it's a little quick and jarring, but I went along with it.

It's clear that the two men share a connection, but Isaiah is determined to keep Victor in a box. He can't afford to have emotions tangled up in this convenient arrangement.

"Sex leads to intimacy and intimacy leads to feelings, and this is not about feelings."

However, he plays hot and cold with Victor for a good portion of this book and well, that got frustrating at times. He also has a couple asshole moments (principal's office anyone?) where I wasn't sure if I'd ever fully believe that he'd move beyond his hang ups. Don't worry, he did and I believe!

Victor was impossible not to love. He's lived a difficult life and so much of what he'd dreamed for himself comes in the package that is Isaiah. His desire and longing for the man was a constant need, and in the beginning he'd take whatever Isaiah was willing to offer.

Victor knew how good they could be together, and while he knew they would walk the razor's edge between emotion and pure physical indulgence, he was willing to risk it. If he fell, then he'd embrace it.

But he knew he'd be falling alone.

The push and pull was delicious angst along with hair-pulling frustration. For my tastes, Robin Covington walked this line with fragile precision. The scale never quite tipped into the negative. Just when I wanted to throttle either man, a small breakthrough would come and the scales would balance.

...it would be everything; it would be life changing. A risk of his heart, one he wasn't sure he was ready to make, but might not have a choice.

And Evan (Isaiah's son)...he shines so bright in this book. A boy who's lived a rough life, seen the ugly side of people, and still isn't afraid to speak up and to fight for what he believes in. He's strong, he's brave...and he hugged my heart so tight in this book!

"I'm just like Victor, Dad. We don't have to come out because we wear it on our skin. You're huge and athletic and a macho professional football player, and if you don't tell people you're gay, they never know, and even when you do tell them, they don't always believe you. If you wanted to, you could pass as straight. So, don't talk to me about me creating risk. I'm at risk because I can't hide who I am."

However, as much as I loved this book, there were a couple of things that kept me from rating this higher...because let me tell you...this book had some SERIOUS 5 star potential for me.

1. Certain scenes weren't included that I felt could have really added some depth and emotion to both the characters and the story arc. For example, I would have loved to see the morning after Isaiah and Victor's first night together, or their Vegas wedding, or the couple of days after they got married. Especially that last one. The author glossed over their first few days back home with a time jump and a throwaway sentence that they'd settled into a warm, homey and domestic routine. Isaiah, Victor, and Evan easily became a family and I really wanted to have seen that transition.

2. I wish the author would have went all the way with how committed Victor was about speaking up. I didn't need anything big, but just some mention of what he was doing. It was such a big part of his character and the big conflict between him and Isaiah...yet I felt it was something that was happening waaaay back in the background. Not too much mention of it.

Overall, this was a book that I really liked and if real life didn't get in the way, I would have easily gobbled this up in one sitting. I was drawn in by the characters, engaged in the story, and rooting for everyone. And damn it, I love me a nice grovel...and Isaiah delivers beautifully!

"To watch him dance is breathtaking. To hear him speak is uplifting. To observe him playing video games on the couch with our son is joyful. To have him smile at me is...a gift. To have him love me is priceless. To love him is humbling..."

Highly recommend this book! Pick it up and fall in love.

Pre-Review Thoughts:
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**I've been informed that the "gender fluid" identification has been removed from the blurb (this was originally how Victor was described) so I am also removing it from my original posting saying that Victor is a "gender fluid ballet dancer."

***ARC courtesy of publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review***
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~Mindy Lynn~ NEED THIS!!!

Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read** ~Mindy Lynn~ wrote: "NEED THIS!!!"

Right?!!? Go request!! It's on NG!

~Mindy Lynn~ I did and got me an ARC!!!! I hope it's good. 😉

Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read** ~Mindy Lynn~ wrote: "I did and got me an ARC!!!! I hope it's good. 😉"

YAAAYYYY!! I know of a few people who have read it and say it's fantastic! I have other things I need to read, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to hold off on this one.

~Mindy Lynn~ Me either! I've been trying really hard to get all my ARCs read but other books start calling my name and I get distracted. lol

message 6: by Maria Rose (new)

Maria Rose It looks awesome!

message 7: by Ele (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ele YESSSSS!!!Such an underrated book. I'm thrilled when I see people loving it. I agree with your points, I think the story would have benefited immensely with the addition of a few more chapters. But Covington is now on my radar! Great review, Mirjana!

Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read** Ele wrote: "YESSSSS!!!Such an underrated book. I'm thrilled when I see people loving it. I agree with your points, I think the story would have benefited immensely with the addition of a few more chapters. But..."

I agree. Just a couple of more chapters to add some stuff and this book would have been a 5 star!! I don't know if you read any MF or not, but I'm told there's a book with Isaiah's brother. May have to check it out. Robin Covington is definitely an author I'll be reading more of!!

message 9: by Aisling Zena (new)

Aisling Zena Brilliant review Mirjana! :)

Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read** Aisling Zena wrote: "Brilliant review Mirjana! :)"

Thanks so much, Aisling!! xx

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