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Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey
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Apr 27, 2008

it was ok
bookshelves: mccaffrey-anne, speculative-fiction, fantasy

Felt rather outdated. It annoyed my that the main male character F'lar mistreated Lessa the way he did, I mean shaking her everytime he was ticked at her ? Come on, If Lessa was half of what she was portrayed to be she would have told him to piss off and at least shook him back, I realize that this was written in the 60's but still...
I sincerely hope that McCaffreys writing improved as time went on like everyone says her writing did, but seeing how many 5 star reviews there are here i am wondering if that is truly the case. Lessa comes off as an abused woman, and F'lar well i just didn't like him, I liked F'Nor much better. The book kind of dragged for me, I read Dragonsong and loved it so maybe there is still hope for me to get into the series. I will try another but i hope they get better than this one. The concept of the book was awesome, but the plot was rather weak and the abuse stuff was a real turn-off for me.
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message 5: by Rachel (last edited Oct 12, 2008 05:35PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rachel Anne McCaffrey indeed did get better. I rated this book so highly because of how I felt at the time, though I think I should possibly take it down a notch. Nostalgia does indeed give it a shine it does not deserve. However, the further you go into the series, the better the characters, and writing, get. While Pern is relatively hers alone, I would recommend a slew of other books that are much better. I would say she is surpassed by Mercedes Lackey (whom she co-authors books with), Elizabeth Moon (her newer stuff is still getting better), Janny Wurts, and Jane Yolen, to name a few. Feel free to peruse my read books list!

Melissa Cuevas Outdated? You mean like 1968 outdated? Because that was the year that the core of this novel, "Weyr Search" won the Hugo Award.

Kimmay Yeah, Dated. Some books stand the test of time & were written WAY before this and don't seem dated or hokey.
HOKEY, with a capital H, Lol

This book, is dated, it just doesn't hold up as well as some of the older books from the same timeframe or even older. The characters are rather flat & undeveloped. I realize it won the Hugo award for that year, all that says to me is the other books that year were worse... :O) Lol Maybe at the time it was good... but it just didn't impress me.

Kimmay If it won the Hugo award that year all that means to me is the books that year were lame. :O) It happens.

There are TONS of books that were written BEFORE this that can still hold up today. This book doesn't stand the test of time, the characters are flat and undeveloped, maybe it won for the concept of the dragons, it is a good one, but the characters need HELP :O) lol It just doesn't hold up.

message 1: by Andrew (new)

Andrew I love how people keep bringing up that this piece of trash won the Hugo award, as if that means any criticism is unwarranted. Awards often boil down to politics, not merit. Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize comes to mind...

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