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Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
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Sep 19, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in September, 2011

Absolutely amazing!
Finished Pandemonium 10 minutes ago!
I was extremely lucky to get an advanced copy of Pandemonium. And forgive me for a MINOR spoiler but as I was looking at the "reviews" that people have posted about their anticipation for the thrilling sequel and couldn't help but chuckle about your fears of what may happen with Lena, some were dead on!
That being said when you rush to your local Barnes and Noble to pick up your copy(that you should have pre-ordered)please begin with an open mind. If you picked up the beautiful special edition of Delirium you got the first chapter of Pandemonium. The first few chapters for me were akin with a horrible break-up. It is heart-wrenching to watch Lena in this state. Like Delirium there is few significant characters introduced and its wonderful! I love when I pick up a book and don't have to remember the name of every single person in region *cough* Twilight Saga *cough* The complete anonymity of everyone but Lena a handful of secondary characters forces you to focus solely on Lena's voice.
I am having a total fan girl moment and am dying to tell you all about Raven,Julian and what happens so I'm going to stop. Be prepared my fellow Invalids for we are all about to be re-infected by the deliria and I know for damn sure that I do not want to be cured!
Thank you Lauren Oliver for creating a world so beautiful and enchanting that reality dulls in comparison in the absolute best way!
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Reader45 Where did you read it?? :O

Jasmine Veal I got an ARC from my work :]

Reader45 awwe lucky! Do you mean your blog?

Jasmine Veal Nope I work at B&N :]

Vivianna Oooh! So if you work there they just give you arcs of stuff? Dream job! How long have you been working there?

Asmaa can u tell me if alex is alive or not? i desperatly NEED to know!!! just a yes or no, i won't mind the spoiler i swear.
just put my out of my misery

Jasmine Veal Sorry it took so long and I'm sure you've all read the book by now but work got crazy, a family member died etc... everything that could happen did. To Nani, Yes its pretty cool my store manager takes home all of the teen books to his wife and if she doesn't want them he brings them back. It's infuriating, for many reasons but mostly it completely defeats the purpose of and ARC. It's been a little over a year since I started at B&N and honestly it's a great job. Good pay, health benefits that rock, and seriously amazing discounts but the icing on the cake is that through all the passive aggressive spats, it's a super awesome fun family! And to Asmaa, Yes and I kind of hate it :[

Asmaa No, I didn't read the book. But I found out what happens. Thanks anyway. Hope everything works out for you and I'm sorry for your loss.

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