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How Few Remain by Harry Turtledove
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Sep 19, 2011

really liked it

I read "Guns of the South" (Turtledoves earlier take on the South winning the Civil War with help from time traveling South African white supremacists and while that one was a good story this was better suited for those folks who like a more plausible and less fanciful take on alternate history. Considering Turtledoves meticulous attention to historical detail you can't help but believe his alternate history is fact by way of plausibility. His use of historical characters to draw you in and relate to the action that takes place in this 2nd Mexican American War (2nd Civil War if you prefer). I particularly liked following Mark Twain the exiled southern gentleman turned newspaper editor, and Abraham Lincoln as the labor agitator/1 term president. As someone who grew up in the South there might also be a little wish fulfillment here as well but I have never had any illusions that things would be better. We see the plight of slavery continuing but we also see the plight of blatant racism in the North through the eyes of Frederick Douglass as a Northern reporter. In the end the book is mostly a setup for the Great War story line that takes place after this. We see the North aligning with the Germans as the South allies with the British and French and it is all very believable and if there is any praise that belongs to a work of alternate history fiction it is that, "Highly Believable".

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