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The Furies by John Jakes
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Sep 18, 2011

it was amazing
Read in September, 2011

Amanda Kent, the young girl separated from her cousin in the last book, has survived. She's been through experiences that have made her strong and determined to survive. She survives the Alamo and is rescued from probable death by (the) Cordoba, who she learns to love and eventually has a child by. She ends up in California, and, having a burning desire to get the Kent Family Publishing company back, needs money. The California Gold Rush is on. As thoughts formulate in her mind about how she might acquire some of that gold, she is astonished and delighted to find her cousin, Jared, who she'd been separated from some ... 15 to 20 years ago. Unfortunately, their reunion is only to be one day as Jared is killed that night. But he's left enough information for Amanda to know she must get to the gold mind he was partners in and claim his right so that she could have the money to get back the Publishing Co and also to set up an inheritance for his one and only son, Jephtha, and Jephtha's three sons, who are currently living in Virginia. Upon arriving back in Boston, she tries two times to get the Publishing Company back, but, the commander catches on and isn't about to give the company (he doesn't even really care about) back to the original owners. Amanda unexpectedly becomes the recipient of a huge box, which has a slave girl enclosed. Jephtha, has sent the girl North for safety. The owner finds out who has the girl and in the ensuing struggle to get his rightful property back the commander is shot and killed, and Amanda is shot. Amanda lives for 17 days; just enough time to set up Michael Boyles and her banker with authority to be guardians of her son Louis (who she see's is becoming a problem), authorize them to go buy the Pub House now that the commander is dead, and give direction for the future of the Kent Family affairs. Whew!

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