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Damned by Nancy Holder
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Sep 18, 2011

really liked it

How to summarize book 2...there's a lot going on! Let's see...Eriko, the Hunter and former leader of the Salamancan group, is dealing with the changes....though not in her position but rather physically and mentally due to the changes granted her by her role. Holgar, our resident good guy werewolf, is dealing with echoes of his past as he struggles to maintain the life and health of his fighting partner Skye. Speaking of Skye, this time around she's not simply the White Witch they defer to for power boosts, protective spells, and healing....she has some soul cleansing of her own to do and her past is about to be dragged out front and center. Then there's Jamie the hot headed Irish man who harbors a strong hostility towards the Cursed Ones and werewolves alike making him totally focused in a fight but we're about to see a semi softer side of him...yep, that's right, he has a heart and it beats right now for a fellow fighter. (Oooh ...)

Side stepping a bit to Antonio, a Cursed One yes but with his eyes on the cross (studying to be a priest as he was doing in life) and his heart with his fighting partner and new team leader, Jenn...his will may be strong be he's not invincible as we're about to find out. Then there's Jenn. Formerly sweet and somewhat innocent, she's been betrayed by family, lost her sister (sorta) to the Cursed Ones and lost her heart to someone that loves her yes but can never truly be with her. Oye...add to that the new role of leader to this motley crew and well, let's just say she has A LOT to deal with and it's about to increase ten fold. As Jamie would say...there's a blimey lot of trouble ahead. The battle for our lives, our souls continued as the Cursed Ones gather in strength and numbers but this group as well as a few others we'll meet along the way....never say die.

It's brash. It's action packed. It's a lot heavier than your typical YA paranormal novel not only with relationships and characters but with the dose of religion injected. That's not to say it preaches because honestly it doesn't; rather it takes a more accepting few of many belief systems asking the reader to keep an open mind about them all as the story is woven. With underlying messages of good will to all but what would truly be bad about a more cohesive society where we can live side by side and respect one another, you know? Something to think about....

In conclusion, a series addition that lives up to the power held in book 1. You'll grow to love the characters even more as you experience their pasts and follow along as their stories continue to unfold. Recommended read for teens and older due to violent's not extreme but better suited for that age group.

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September 18, 2011 –
page 41
7.54% "Poor Jenn. Still so filled with doubt...and then there's Antonio with temptation right in front of him day in, day out. *reading*"
September 18, 2011 –
page 89
16.36% "Oye vay. Aurora sure us a focused vamp...and Jenny's father? How could you?!"
September 19, 2011 –
page 118
21.69% "Uh oh. Things are falling apart at the seams. The mission, their faith in each other, their very minds and souls. This can't be good. ...nor can these "experiments"."
September 20, 2011 –
page 197
36.21% " thinks this is a trap... *-*"
September 22, 2011 –
page 294
54.04% "Exploring everyone's past while trying to stop the potential tragedy that is their future. Wow...they all had something tragic happen to drive them to the Hunt. Here's hoping they can stop Aurora .... *-*"
September 22, 2011 –
page 317
58.27% "What the devil just happened?!?! Antonio this trick or truth?"
September 22, 2011 –
page 349
64.15% "OMG. So it's true. *hangs head* Poor Jenn!"
September 23, 2011 –
100.0% "I'm done....I'm done! Am I late? Explosive ending...definitely hanging on for book 3."
September 23, 2011 – Finished Reading

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