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Blood's Voice by Aine P. Massie
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First of all, there are a ton of good reviews on this book so my opinion will not be very popular. And for that I am sorry. I think the idea behind the story was really good and unique but I could not get passed the technical issues. I know I have positively reviewed books with technical issues before but in those cases the issues did not trip me up constantly and force me to have to put it down out of frustration.

The sentences were awkwardly worded in some cases, and in other they just did not make any sense at all. The tenses shifted a lot through out the story and there were instances where there were incorrect words used. (ex. “Involution” which means entangled instead of “evolution” which means to change over time.. although another of my problems was that I could not tell what the point was in a lot of the internal thoughts like in this case.)

I am also not a fan of first person narratives the character has to be really exceptional for 1st person to not get annoying after time and I really could not feel a connection to Anya maybe because the language used was very formal and none of the characters had distinct voices so they all sounded like Anya, the narrator.

There was also a lot of dialogue and not enough action. The characters would talk about what happened and so the reader would not see the events as they unfolded. It took away some of the immediacy that could have been felt through some of the situations that had the potential of being very tense.

Ok I feel like I am being super negative and I hate when I have to do that but I wanted to be honest with my thoughts on the book.

Like I said in the beginning, the story/idea for the story was very good. I really liked the fact that instead of the usual Twilight-ish theme of the male being the vampire, that the powerful and potentially dangerous character was Anya a female. I also really liked the Nicholas/Declán/ Anya relationship going on. I thought it added a lot of really great complications. I also liked that in the beginning I was not sure that Nicholas was who he said he was or that he was looking out for Anya’s best interest. I think Áine created a wonderful world and a unique story line with lots of potential.

I am going to do something a little different here since I enjoyed the story and it was the technical aspect that made it less enjoyable for me I am going to give it two different ratings, an overall rating and a rating for the story by itself

2 stars overall but the story by itself would be four stars
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