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Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
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Sep 18, 2011

it was amazing
Read from January 20 to 23, 2012

** spoiler alert ** First of all, I'd like to say that I uber(oo-ber) LOVED this book.(: i love the plot, the characters, the action,&& obviously the romance.! But truthfully, at first i thought that the first 3?Maybe 5 pages, were going to be like one of those type of books who the main characters are usually all about their clothes&cars&make-up etc., etc. But it didn't, so that was good. Also, i don't think that the author didn't mention WHY Helen was so effing pissed off at Luke&his other family members at the freaking sight of them. Well, maybe the author(Josephine Angelini) did or did not i don't remember but i'll check later. And later on she grew/started to love him, i think was because the whole "chasing scene&saving each other lives&causing this huge hole when they crashed/fell&almost died&took days to heal" i'm pretty sure that their love started from there. I loved that it was thick(487 pages and hardcover from the edition i read from).

What I loved:

- I've always been interest in Greek mythology... okay, maybe after i finished reading the Percy Jackson series. So in a book loaded w/ Greek mythology, romance, action is a like the "dream come true book" haha.(;

-On page 128, i must say that is one of the cutest yet awkward moment ever. Not the awkwardest but definitively awkward. If you don't have the book w/ you currently then here, quoting from the book:"It occurred to Helen that all she had to do was lean down and she would be kissing him. It seemed like such a natural thing to do-as if she should be kissing him-that she was halfway to his mouth before she stopped herself and pulled back stunned by her lack of self-control. She saw him swallow hard.
'Lie back down, Helen,' he told her, which she immediately did to hide her confusion. For a few moment they were both breathing a lot faster than they should have been, but after a while Lucas relaxed enough to take her hand and hold it under the covers."

-Lucas. He sounds really handsome! Oh, but then again all of the demi-gods are.:P but i love his patience w/ Helen while training her&his cute jealousy w/ Zach&Hector. But if I were him, i'd probably be the same.

-I also really like Ariadne's characters because the's just one of those type of characters, who's so nice and helpful towards the person their helping, in this case it's Helen. Ariadne had to do a lot of crap for Helen, honestly. Like watching her pee to see if she's all right. Like seriously?=__="

-The ending gave me a thought and an image to really think about more. It really wraps it all up and yet it left me wondering "oh, what's gonna happen next?"

What I hated

-Helen.): Reason 1 : I don't really like her personality; like in the beginning, she was SO shy! Then when she met the Delo's, she's like all rude,mean,and sassy. I just don't like it when the character(s) transition themselves so quickly like that. Reason 2 : The way she treats Lucas. She over-reacts over stuff; like when Helen was all sulky&pissed over the whole "Over hearing Luke talking w/ Pallas about him not ever gonna be w/ Helen." Then towards the end, she was gonna leave Lucas w/o a word! He was going crazy that it could've been the last time he'd see her. Then when they can finally talk in peace, she says that their cousins!! How could she?!??! He was so heartbroken i bet.): I felt so bad for him, taking loads of crap from Helen.): Reason 3 : When Lucas tried to explain to Helen about the whole "Talking w/ Pallas thing", she completely avoided him. Not even letting him have the chance to explain, that's like "auto-piss mode w/o hearing an explaination" haha~.

- The "problem" w/ Noel not letting Helen be w/ Lucas, didn't even seem like a big deal. Truthfully, I don't even see the point even adding that into the story even though that did lead to Helen&Lucas's first kiss.

Overall, i uber LOVED this book.(:& i am SO excited&so impatient for the second book(Dreamless). It has a love triangle in it!! OMIGAWLLY.!!!!& i love love love triangle<--- i'm pretty sure i said that in a lot of my reviews, haha.(: I'm superduper curious w/ who's gonna be in the triangle though. Definitively Helen, Lucas. But I'm thinking maybe, just maybe Hector.(; hehe.>_< byee<3 ONE last thing, it took me maybe 2 weeks to write this review, i was almost finished w/ it on the first day i finished the book but then i saved it but it DIDN'T save! I'm like wtf.??!?! Then i got all pissed&lazy afterwards, haha. Ohkay now byee<3


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01/22/2012 page 110
23.0% "hmm.truthfully i didn't really like the first couple of pages cuz of the way Helen kinda converses w/ Clair. Kinda hard to describe it so whatever.xD&&i just don't really like that Helen hates Lucas the moment she first saw him. like hardcore hate.!O: but it's getting good. LUCAS&HELEN CAN FLY OMIGAWLLY!!! lol.(;"
01/22/2012 page 120
25.0% "i like Ariadne she kinda reminds of Alice from twilight w/ here niceness but their personalities are very much different.(:"
01/22/2012 page 128
26.0% "pg 128, cutest/awkwardest moment ever.!xD"
01/22/2012 page 210
43.0% "hmmm, curious in more of who this "Creon" dude is...&&want more of Lucas&Helen.!!!:D"
01/22/2012 page 216
44.0% "i kinda hate how the heroin(Helen) always get injured&causes more trouble, so reckless.>__>""
01/22/2012 page 231
47.0% "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY.!!! lol.>_< they were flying.!!(helen&lucas)"
01/23/2012 page 360
74.0% "i'm kinda sad that it's already almost over.): but i really like it.!! i don't really understand Creon, cuz he says Helen has the most beautifulest face he has ever seen. Does he like her or has to kill her? maybe both? I dont know.!O: already looking forward for the 2nd book, heard there is a LOVE TRIANGLE!!!!(:"
01/23/2012 page 360
74.0% "i'm kinda sad that it's already almost over.): but i really love this book.!! but i don't really understand Creon, cuz he says Helen has the most beautifulest face he has ever seen. Does he like her or has to kill her? maybe both? I dont know.!O: already looking forward for the 2nd book, heard there is a LOVE TRIANGLE!!!!(:"
01/24/2012 page 487
100.0% "I LOVED IT THIS BOOK.!!!!but i feel SO bad for Pandora though.):&&i don't really like Daphne at all- almost hate. i feel like she doesn't even care/love/even like Helen. I feel so bad for Luke&&helen was being a bitch to him too towards the ending./=&&poor hector.): doesn't deserve to be an outcast.!"
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