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Highlander's Bride by Lexy Timms
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“Remember enough of the past… You may be able to control your future.”
All she saw was the sky. It was a deep cerulean with an occasional billowing white cloud, like a desolated island in a sea of blue. She couldn’t remember the past, how she had arrived at this particular moment of time, or indeed where she was. She didn’t feel any alarm or, in fact, anything. it hadn’t even registered, until she stood, that she was complete and utterly naked. From her bare feet to her unadorned head she was as bare to the world as the day she was born.
Mya Boyle was neither appalled nor shamed at her state of undress and only registered a magnificent stag standing in close proximity as unmoved and unafraid at her sudden appearance. Not even the whiz of an arrow in flight and its impact on the ground close to her feet startled the deer into flight. The invasion of the arrow into their peaceful world did alarm Maya and when she spied a hunter notching another arrow to the string of his bow, instinct took over and she yelled for the animal to flee for his life. Without the slightest hesitation, she moved between the hunter and his prey, sacrificing her body to shield another.
This is the first book of A Moment in Time Series. It explores the passionate relationship between Mya Boyle, a visitor from another dimension and-or time, and the Highlander, Kayden McGregor. Kayden isn’t the head of a clan or the Laird of a castle. He is just a warrior/farmer/hunter, living a humble and semi-reclusive life in a simple cottage on the outskirts of a Highland village. Love may be timeless, but so is lust. Lust plays a leading role in this historical novella.
It could have been so much better. If the author would have spent as much time, space, imagination, and energy in developing the story and characters, as she did on the erotic scenes of lustful passion, this story could be given the accolades of a great book. With the author choice to neglected (or avoided) incorporating Scottish words and phonetic dialect, into the dialogue, while making the story easier to read it also robbed it of realism. Cliff hangers are never a good choice for a writer to make. It is much better (and more honest) to serve a complete literary meal and not clear the table before the dessert is served.


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