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One Rainy Night by Richard Laymon
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Apr 25, 2008

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bookshelves: horror
Read in July, 2008

This is a surprisingly quick read for a 400 page book. I finished it in a single sitting (like many of the other reviewers on here mentioned). The entire book takes place in under 24 hours and unfortunately for the readers, after about the first 20 pages this book is VERY predictable.

Short Summary:
Last night a teen aged black boy was tortured and killed in a racially motivated hate-crime. Suddenly, 24 hours later, a black rain pours from the sky... anyone in the rain suddenly turns black and starts a homicidal/sexual rampage, killing everyone they see.

This seems like a pretty fun concept, and at first it is. There is a ton of gore, you figure out right from the start who murdered the black boy and know that his murder has something to do with the rain. Mass chaos, pandemonium, lots of gore and violence lead the reader to believe this is going to be an absolute blast. About half way through though, Laymon losses control of his story, and when he does it begins a quick trip down hill. Suddenly the people who are rained who were main characters in the beginning, are capable of controlling themselves... the maniacs on the murderous rampages are suddenly not so scary because they have both control and fear. Also, it's pretty easy to figure out who is going to live and die in this book right from the beginning, so there are few surprises or shockers in that regards. On top of all of that... it seems that people are very quick to figure out the rain and how to cure it... and the idea of the maniacs curing themselves seems a bit preposterous.

When we arrive at the ending, it is pretty much what we expected to happen, I kind of hoped for something a bit more "exciting" but everything about this book goes exactly as one would expect. The characterization is fairly typical for a Laymon novel, in that there really isn't much. The bad guys are all men, rapists, and obsessed with womens breasts. The good guys are all a bit dense, nice to women, and obsessed with womens breasts. I admit that I was a bit disturbed with his characterization of the 9 year old girl and his description of her body and panties. At some times she acts like a five year old, at others she's far brighter than most of the adults in the book.

If you have some extra time and just want a quick trashy read with a lot of violence, gore, rape, and jiggling boobs, this is your book. If you are looking for something exciting, exhilarating, mind blowing, or thought provoking, there are far better choices out there. This is a fairly mediocre book in respect to the others Laymon has written, I have read both better and worse in regards to his collection of works.

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