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Knight of My Dreams by Delilah Devlin
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Sep 17, 2011

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bookshelves: genre-pnr-erotica, pnr-vamps, time-contemporary

Well...I think I found a little glitch here. But the story is already going so great!!! I had felt something's missing from the story. A lot of stuff wasn't discussed properly like that unexpected additional character in the ending, and the feelings of acceptance was slightly discombobulating me.

Storyline: Vampire Quentin Albermarle’s wife Darcy lies in a coma after being savaged by a werewolf. Fearing she might never awaken, or worse, that she will return a maddened beast, Quentin returns to the Cayman Islands seeking help from the one woman who might be able to save her. A century and a half ago, this powerful vampire and witch seduced Quentin with magic and turned him into a vampire to provide herself a mate, but he freed himself from her spell and fled her influence, knowing he’d left behind a powerful enemy. Returning now, seeking Kamaria’s help, he must resist her attempts to enslave him again. However, the price she demands may cause him to lose the woman he loves. Reader Advisory-The battle to save a loved one is sometimes sexual. It can be hard, uncompromising and not for the faint of heart.

Yeah, I had expected a lot from the series and this book just a smidgeon had saddened me. I don't know whether Ms. Devlin wanted to keep the readers coming back for more with the really HUGE gap in the story...or simply she doesn't like the story anymore? It really tears me up! *sob*

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