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Unleashed by Nancy Holder
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Sep 15, 2011

really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** This book started out kind of slow. There was a lot of mystery in it, and it took too long for things to be revealed in my opinion. But it started to pick up and I really got into it.

I'm so confused about the whole Trick/Jason thing. I love Trick. Although I thought it was weird that he liked Kat so much, but didn't really make much of an effort to include her in his circle of friends. He never invited her to do things with them. (There was that ONE party he invited her to go as his date, where he freaked out... which was never really explained, I didn't buy the whole "I didn't know this was going to be a memorial" thing.) But then he makes that cool sculpture thing for Kat and she gets all emotional starts making out and then she pushes him away and gives him the cold shoulder. I didn't really understand all that either. Yeah there was a lot going on in her life, but I didn't see why she had to hurt Trick. I felt bad for him. I liked it when he finally got aggressive and made her sit with him at lunch and talk with him. What does she end up doing? She starts making out with him again and AGAIN pushes him away. What the heck! What a freakin' tease.

Then the Jason thing. At first I didn't really like Jason coming in and messing things up for Trick, because she didn't once think of Trick, those first few times she was with Jason. But as you learn more about Jason and how him and Kat feel such a pull to one another even though they don't want to succumb to it, it started to intrigue me. Now I want to know what that whole situation is about, because it sounds like they are natural mates. But where does that leave Trick? I have a feeling there is more to Trick that meets the eye, that maybe he has his own supernatural secret... I can't wait to get my hands on the next book.

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