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Skinwalker by Faith Hunter
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Sep 15, 2011

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I was actually a little, okay, a lot annoyed at the beginning of this book. When I see BOOK 1, I think it's actually the BEGINNING of a series. It seems to me that the Jane Yellowrock series actually started in an anthology called Strange Brew where her best friend Molly and her go hunting vampires together. Skinwalker, from what I can tell, takes place after this short story and for the first third of the book, I really struggled with the details of Jane's character. Was she this way BEFORE the short story, or did the story change her just enough??? or???? Hating to not finish a book though, I pushed on and I admit, I am really glad I did.

The further you go into the book, the better it gets. I love the other characters that are in the book. I love the fact that vampires can be emotional and can slip out of control quickly. I enjoyed their edginess mixed with otherworldlyness . I enjoyed the New Orleans setting. I loved learning about the vampire - human servant relationship. Although Jane is cold to me, the author really figured out how to make it all work.

As a skinwalker, Jane has never met any other of her kind. I enjoyed the revelations of Jane and the animal spirit whom she calls as Beast inside her. I like the sharing that occurs, although when Beast first appears on the scene, it took me time to get used to Beast's point of view/voice. Beast is quite a character all on her own however and the relationship together which was revealed through the writing is what kept me turning the pages faster and faster. I also appreciate that Jane is an actual woman who likes a little girly-ness every once in a while, but can still kick ass when she needs to, who doesn't steal all the spotlight, and who *gasp* can actually make a mistake.

Jane's investigation into the rogue vampire felt genuine. It took TIME to having it all click into place and the details weren't handed out on a silver platter. I enjoyed the fact that Jane really had to work at finding out "who done it". Leo, Blood Master of the City, is a great character and I enjoyed his role. Very vampy, yet had that feel of realness to him as well.

Rick and "Bruiser" George seems to be the "love interests" currently in Jane's life and although she finds them attractive, she doesn't jump in bed with them upon first meeting. I appreciate her control of her emotions in this case and doesn't leap and then think later.

Although I often appreciate a good description of the setting, an item of interest, a certain situation, the details in this book when on and on and I found myself after awhile sort of skimming the descriptive paragraphs until we got back to the story once again.

All in all, after the story really got going, I found myself immersed and intrigued with Jane and her world and all who lived in it. By the time I ended book one, I was all ready to start book 2 and continue the adventure.
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