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My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares
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Sep 14, 2011

it was ok
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Read from September 14 to 18, 2011

This book is hard to rate. I really liked it, up to a certain point, and then it tanked. I absolutely hated the ending, and when that happens, it destroys any good will I had toward the rest of the book. Brashares took a really interesting idea and just ruined it with that absoultely pathetic ending.

[[ You might not want to read if you don't want any spoilers -- but I'm sorry to say I just cannot discuss this book without discussing some of the key points of the storyline. ]]

This book had such an interesting premise, and I really wanted to like it. However, there were just so many things wrong with it:

First, the thought that there are so many people with "the Memory" out there in the world, and that they just happen to show up in the same little small towns all around the world at the same point in history is kind of stupid. I mean, we're really supposed to believe that Daniel just runs into Sophia, Joaquim, Ben and others so many different times in his lives, in this huge big world?

Second, why is Joaquim reall all that ticked off at Daniel, to the extent that he would hunt Daniel and/or Sophia across centuries and continents? Third, why is Daniel such a weenie as far as approaching Sophia, and when he finally does get together with Sophia/Lucy, are you kidding me that they only get 24 hours together (mostly spent swimming/drowning in the ocean or laying on a rock)? And then with all the money and knowledge he has of the world, he's just going to ship her off to the Himalayas? WTF??? He's spent centuries to find her, and now that they are together, he intentionally splits them up? If sending her to the Himalayas is so safe for her (i.e., to protect her from Joaquim finding her), why wouldn't it be safe for both of them? That's just stupid!

Finally ... pregnant? Seriously? How is that supposed to help the ending? As if it wasn't unresolved enough already.

Terrible book. I won't be recommending this to anyone!

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