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My Hellion, My Heart by Amalie Howard
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Aug 05, 2017

it was amazing

Princess Irina Volkonsky is beautiful, rich, and titled, which means she should have no problem snagging a husband, right? I mean, those are the only things needed according to the ton, so the question remains, why is she still single?
Because she’s turned down all offers. So many, in fact, that her rigidity has garnered her some very cold nicknames. It’s not that she feels she’s above everyone else, which she could claim since she’s a princess. She’s more down-to-earth than that, which made me love and root for her even more. Irina has refused to wed because the one and only man she wants doesn’t return her affection. So she believes, and so he says. But what fun with this novel be if there wasn’t a little untruth in there somewhere? Let’s evaluate that shall we?
Lord Henry Radcliffe has many secrets. The war has left him bruised in many ways, and he’s gotten good at hiding his scars. He doesn’t allow himself to get close to anyone,- other than physically, that is-, and despite his almost obsession with Irina, he refuses to go there. She was previously his ward. For goodness sakes, she’s just a child. Or at least she was when he first met her. Not so much so now that they’ve reunited. She’s nineteen – marriageable age. But his other secret still makes her off limits. The war changed him, and he’s afraid if she finds out what he’d been through, she’d be disgusted. He’d rather have her as a friend than not have her at all.
Irina is having none of that “just friends” business, though. She’s definitely refreshing with her hellion ways – so fun, so forthcoming, so unwilling to adhere to all matters of propriety. What a princess, and what a danger to Henry’s plan to stay unattached. She goes where he goes – well, they travel in the same circles, and all – and she doesn’t hesitate to show – or tell – how she feels. Henry’s will is breaking in the face of her charms, and what fun they have discovering each other and all that’s changed.
Now, my absolute favorite romances are historical and suspense (No offense to any other romance subgenre. You’re all my babies.), but how my heart thumps when the two are combined. Historical romantic suspense. I ate this one up. Delicious!
There’s so much more I want to say, but I don’t want to ruin it. All I know is I got one helluva a surprise. Talk about a twist and turn – I damn near fell off the bed. The smoothness of it all nearly floored me (pun intended 😉 ) Now that’s what I call some outstanding writing.
Such original characters and vivid descriptions. I’m totally invested in this series.
Kudos to Howard and Morgan!!!

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