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Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Sep 14, 2011

liked it
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I would give it 3 1/2 stars, so far, 3/4 of the way through.

This book is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT over the last 10 or so!! MUCH less repetition- though it's repetition of themes, not adctual words-, MUCH less gratuitous sex, MUCH less talking during sex, MUCH less talk about what a psycho she is. I was shocked when I read " I don't need to dissociate anymore to get to the killing place" what great insight by AB! Rather than " I am psychobitch and it scares me bec maybe I'm a monster", She realizes it's a state that she goes into. Something she can choose to be or not be. That's important. She's acceptiing herself more, feeling more in control.

If future books got rid of the requisite dick law enforcement boss who says without fail- you're a whore!- at every turn, why, I wouldn't even know it was LKH writing. And good job, more females and more females in positions of power who are not rivals or particularly bitchy. Good job.

The characters are CHANGING, which I never expected she could let go of her own wishes and let them evolve as they choose. But it's appropriate for their ages, for Edward to be more tired and human, Bernardo to be less of a man-toy, for Anita to really just want to go home and not have to face the ugliness of destruction.

All in all, I found the new book encouraging that she is finally being edited appropriately and focusing on character development. Anit's acceptance of herself means she has fewer arguments about her "lifestyle" and fewer knee jerk arguments. I may actuallly go back and read Bullet, though I expect I will have to skip a lot. I will DEFINITELY read LKS nxt book and hope the trend toward improvement continues. Now if we could get the actual story to feature more prominently in the narrative.... Iguess she needs a new boogyman.

So, whle there is much improvement, I can tell she is going to do as she often does which is the whole story is supposed to be about the Harlequin, but it really focuses on the minutia of interactions of characters wtih AB.

In earlier books, I often felt there was too much action- who could go through all that in 48 hrs? But while the timeline is more believable now- she actually sleeps! And eats!- the purported main events are almost an afterthought to the emotional/interpersonal issues. Not sure that is better. I guess after so many complained she was psychobitch, or a user/abuser, LKH felt obliged to make hermore human, and reflective of her gender. But I lked her being a mean-ass psychobitch. I liked her lack of remorse. I am glad she doesn't just rush in where fools fear to tread- yea maturity!. But she doesn't have to love and care about everybody. Then again, I guess, it reflects her role as benevolent Queen and the response to the rampant abuse of power she sees everywhere. You have to care about your subjects for them to care about you.

Then again, I am happy that the pressure to make her less of a psycho has resulted in her being more responsible about use of the arduer, and less of a raping succubus. THIS IS A GOOD THING! How can you admire heroine who uses and throws men away like tissue? I really think that people who called Anita a Mary Sue and bitched about her ever increasing powers really didn't take into account what a toll these new powers took to maintain. I think they reallyl just didn't like her being out of control. She was like a ticking time-bomb, hurtiing people, but always forgiven. The balance of power was just too out of whack.

But to be honest? I could have used more sex in the book! Ethan was a very delicious specimen and satisfyingly sub.
Oh, and would love her to get back to zombie raising AND to go down to Florida and explore her past. My fantasy is that she will encounter her grandmother and discover that she is in fact, NOT a voodoo preistess- puhleeze!- but a practitioner of Palo or Candoble, subsets of Santeria.That makes infinitely more sense thatn Voodoo, with her being Mexican. But what would a woman from St Louis (LKH) know about Santeria? Or perhaps, readers would know Voodoo, less likely Santeria. But now with True Blood, maybe they'll be more familiar (Jesus' background)? So, next book, NO EDWARD- he's become a crutch- just JC, her new Tigers and time spent in Hileah,FL interacting with the Santeria crowd. That'd be great!
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