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No Longer Mine by Shiloh Walker
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Sep 14, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: mega-angst

I loved, yet hated this book; this whole story line. I had read the synopsis and was prepared for drama. I had put off reading it because I wasn't sure if it was going to leave me sobbing or in a fit of throw this book, stomp on it and then use it to pick up my dog's poo kind of thing...

I've decided to keep it because of the wide emotional ranges it engendered in me. Why? Because I gravitated towards intense hatred, yet stupid understanding towards the Hero (Wade). Why? Because I gravitated towards complete understanding at how the heroine (Nikki) came to be how she is in the book. Why? Because it's gut-wrenching, emotional, "WILL THIS EVER STOP?! but I can't stop reading it...", kind of drama. Why? Because in the end, I was still cheering for these two, despite all the fuckery that ensued because of the Hero and the heroine. Why? I was able to forge a strong connection with the heroine - I felt her complete pain in the utter betrayal of their love by the Hero.

As for the ending, I found it to be too short. It didn't fulfill me like the entire story had. It seemed like the author had quickly used up her word count and needed to wrap it up super fast in the end. On the flip side, I can see why the ending didn't need to be so detailed - the heroine had finally come to grips with everything and was finally able to love not only herself, but the Hero and his child. Despite the logical side of me understanding, the emotional, needy, whiny girl in me wanted my hunk-of-meat for an ending. I wanted the lame declarations of undying love. I wanted it to be cringe-worthy because everything they had gone through had been so utterly cringe-worthy that that kind of ending would completely justify it.

Despite all the drama, this book truly is about a woman who survived what would have crushed a weaker person. She struggled to survive and it was not pretty, but through it all she prevailed.

I normally despise epilogues, but in this instance I felt like I needed one - it's that whole whiny, needy, emotional girl thing in me coming into play again. I just wanted to know they were ok, that he hasn't cheated on her. That she hadn't retreated back into her shell...oh well, I've a fertile imagination and I guess I'll leave it to that.

If you're thinking of reading this book, you will either love it or hate it. I liked it enough to give it 2 stars; it would've been 3 had the ending not been so rushed and, dare I say it, cheap.

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