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Death Note by NisiOisiN
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Sep 13, 2011

it was amazing
Read from December 17, 2011 to February 12, 2012

This book was truly any Death Note Fangirl/boy heaven. It was a very good book that was ment to show one of the great detective L's cases before he whent on the kira case. I recomend this novel to anybody who has either read or watched the deathnote series and finished it.

The book is about the worlds greatest detective L before he started the kira case. The case he's doing is the L.A B.B murder case. L's old rival B.B (Beyond Birthday) comes back to create a case that even L could never solve by leaving extremely difficult clues and puzzles after ever muder he commits. L not whanting to go on the scenes sense its vital no one sees him or knows his name he sends young FBI agent Naomi Misora on the scene to solve the clues, but while on the scene of the first murder she comes across another detective named Ryuzaki, a very strange man with messy black hair and dark circles under his eyes who seems to love sweets. Together they must work together to stop B.B from his murder sprees. Yet this detective Ryuzaki has a secret idenity that Naomi is suspicous about.

The L.A B.B murder case I a great mystery about Two pf the worlds greatest minds working against together with real mind pinching riddles and clues. The book goes into great detail with each clue left, and whenever someone in the story comes up With a conclusion on what happend the book goes into detail and step by step on how they figured it out, to help the reader understand what happened. The author really made these characters portray the fact that they are amzing geniuses who do their best to outsmart the other. I dare anyone to read this book abd try to figure the case out on their own before reaching the end.

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