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Medicus by Ruth Downie
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Sep 13, 2011

really liked it

This is the first book in a lovely series. I inadvertently started with the last book and have hopped my way around. While I enjoyed this book, it suffered a bit of the unevenness of some first books. We meet our medicus, Tilla, Valens, and Albanus. The fact that our hero really wants nothing to do with solving any murder, and keeps getting dragged back into the situation, is amusing. I liked the details of Roman life, the hobnailed boots, the bad wine, and the dicey situation with British tribes.
Unevenness: the scene in which Ruso is introduced to Tilla. The difficulty in making connections between the murdered girls. The shady bouncer characters at the bar- why does Ruso continually go to them for information? The author carefully stayed away from judging the issue of slavery, but perhaps just a bit of authorial perspective may have been useful.

While I enjoyed this book, I think I'll recommend that my book club begin with Terra Incognita, the second book. It's a bit more even, Tilla becomes a stronger character, and it also offers a uniquely Roman murder.

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