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The Lady's Tutor by Robin Schone
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Gahhh, what can I say? I have no idea whether I really liked this, liked this, or if I even liked this at all.

The story was different. Interesting. Intriguing. A chaste mother of two and wife to an estranged politician, seeks the help of an experienced man. She hopes that with his teaching, she can seduce her unfeeling husband. There are twists to the story, however, some were rather predictable. Loved it when they were unpredictable. Just shy of shocking... Okay, I really liked the story.

Loved the hero, Lord Safyre (Ramiel Devington). Smart. Sexy. An alpha male hero in all respects, who has a past that haunts. Complicated, but uncomplicated.

Liked the heroine, Elizabeth Petre. Actually, she IS lovable. She's a conflicted naive character. Passionate and real.

Loved their relationship. The slow build. The obvious chemistry and attraction. The banter between them. The exchange of words, most of them quite humorous. The thoughts were brilliant.

However, I disliked the majority of the dialogue. Too clinical. I mean, most of the time I was rolling my eyes, wondering if there were people that actually talked the way they did. What I think was SUPPOSED to be emotional, was rather inexpressive and fell flat.

With that said, it probably should be mentioned that this was the first time I actually finished a book that was geared towards erotica. If that was what it was supposed to be. I found it funny, the story read like a how-to guide. And maybe that's because that is what the story is about. Elizabeth learning how to seduce. How to want. How to need. How to love.

All in all, not sure what I think overall. If you haven't read this yet, I would only recommend to those who are into interesting plots that twist (which I happen to love). In that regard, it's a page turner. What happens next just NEEDS TO BE REVEALED. The back story and subplots were very well done, and done right. The characters are unique and have depth, which is quite refreshing. So, read it for the story of two people finding love.

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