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Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder
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Sep 12, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** Opal, glassmaker, who assisted Yelana in capturing the Warpers into glass, is the heroine. She has spent 4 years at the Citadel, but the only magic she has is in the glass. And master magician Zitora asks her to join her in investigating a stormdancing problem. One of the states has stormdancers, magicians that can capture the power of a storm in an orb, hence protecting the people on land, and then the power is harnassed in the factories. two stormdancers have died when the orbs they were using exploded. Opal figures out that the lime used in the glass mix is actually a ... brittle, making the glass less dense and weak. Zitora takes her on as her apprentice her last semester.

Opal helps to determine the problem, and then helps to track glass that is being passed as diamonds, and then to stop the ring that is trying to develop their own stormdancers to capture Ixian storms & diamonds. Opal uses common sense, good old fashioned detective work, and magic. She can pull other's magic to her... she is able to merge with Kade (her future love?), the best of the stormdancers, who was dealing with his grief over the death of his stormdancer sister when he was struggling to fill too many orbs with the storm's power. Then when a magician was sending her images of attacking spiders, she pictured the spiders moving into an orb... and when the threat was gone, she had an orb of tiny glass spiders... and later, when she accidently broke one when in a panic because her sister had bitten by a poisonous snake, and she was thinking that someone needed to suck out the poison from the bite, a spider popped up and sucked out the poison. she experimented and broke a few more, and the real spiders popped out and did what she wanted them to do. Then later, when recreating the capture of someone's image attack, and it is another magic student who doesn't like her, and so she's throwing it all at her, Opal actually bleeds all of her magic away and into herself. (This is a power that may frighten the council and the master magicians). She later uses the power to pull/bleed evil attacking magic from 2 magicians.

And she struggles to leave the past behind... to realize she always has a choice... to give value to what she can do instead of focusing on what she cannot. She has feelings (and sparks when they touch) for Kade the stormdancer - but he distances himself from her, responding to his grief with the desire to protect his heart. At the end,, when they are prisoners together, he finally finds some peace about his sister and a desire to pursue Opal. But she is spending alot of time with Ulrich... he is from her home town, a , fellow glassblower who isn't as good as his family, but Opal can see his pieces have magic - though it is different from his magic. He comes with her to the keep, he becomes her protector, and then a bad magician uses blood magic to trade souls with him,

The story ends with Opal stronger, more confident, but unsure of her true relationship with Ulrich (though she realizes she loves Kade). She knows she might be perceived as a threat, and it is unclear as to how the powers will respond to her.

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