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1984 by George Orwell
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really liked it

I had watched the movie previously, which communicated the notion of a super-state surveillance system very well. However, the book goes into other concepts that are also valuable and fascinating. Those that stood out to me were:

- where the tenants of socialism lead when followed down their logical conclusions - to redistribute wealth to achieve equal widespread impoverishment, and take power away from the individual and give it to a government entity instead

- control of language through vocabulary alterations and reductions, such that expression of complex thoughts becomes intangible, and thus counter-narrative thoughts are no longer possible - as the left does with words like "racism/racist", "privilege", "holocaust denial", "affirmative action", "social justice warrior", "islamaphobia", "transphobia"

- updating the mediums of history (books, news, etc) such that facts are altered according the present perception of facts - as the left does with the notions of "islamaphobia", "transphobia", "holocaust denial" and "gender theory" where facts are altered to fit a narrative, and counter-narrative points that despite being factually true and illegal to state (hate speech, actual amount of jews killed in WW2, that no written evidence existed that Hitler was even aware or even ordered targeted jewish extermination)

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