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Wings of a Dream by Anne Mateer
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Rebekah Grace has a deep longing to get away from the small town of Downington, Oklahoma and she feels that Arthur Samson is just the ticket. Just before he is scheduled to leave town and begin to learn how to fly, he proposes an idea to her, that he will return once his is done. With that promise sealed between them, Rebekah agrees to wait.

However finding things to do to keep busy is hard to do, especially when her mother insists on bringing around other suitors. Her sound advice to Rebekah, "I know you're pining after Mr. Samson, but my advice to finding a man is the same as for baking a cake: it's best to have the ingredients on hand for two, in case the first one falls flat."

She begins to question whether Arthur's offer was really and truly a proposal after all. Once the war ended, what if he wasn't interested in returning for her after all?

I received the novel, Wings of A Dreams by Anne Mateer for my honest review and LOVED it. What girl doesn't have dreams of romance and being whisked away to happiness and forever afters? This one does not disappoint and keeps the reader's thoughts in the clouds along with Rebekah's from the first chapter. I love Rebekah's character even though she tries hard to conform to what society and her mother deems appropriate, she still longs for excitement and adventure. I give this one a 5 out of 5 stars.

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