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Isle of Night by Veronica Wolff
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Sep 12, 2011

really liked it
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Read in October, 2011

This book is so much more than its cover art or synopsis. It truly is Vampire Academy meets Hunger Games! Drew (aka Annalise) the heroine of this new series, is a bit rough around the edges but completely likeable. Drew is a teenager with a genius IQ and she used her genius status to graduate a semester early from high school. Her end goal was to escape a physically and verbally abusive father and enroll in college. Drew had never really fit in, especially in high school and she did not have any friends, so she was more than estatic to leave Christmas, Florida for state college on a full college. Drew had so many plans for college, finally making friends and finding people she could had things in common with but I guess fate had different plans for her. Instead of enrolling in college, Drew finds herself boarding a plan to the Isle of Night. After meeting Ronan at the registrar's office, Drew is inexplicably drawn to Ronan - it may have been because of his good looks, but it may have been the Proust quote tattooed on his arm. Drew could not resist the challenge that Ronan placed in front of her, he promised her a new home, and a school filled with gifted girls just like her. Drew had her doubts but they mostly took second place to the feelings Ronan's touch ignited in her.
Needless to say the Isle of Night was not what Drew expected - it was filled with girls who were nothing like her, girls who were bitchy and those that hated her on sight. However, bitchy girls were the least of her problems. Upon arriving at the Isle of Night, Drew and her fellow recruits are greeted by their vampire Headmaster and informed that they should be honored to have been chosen to train to become a Watcher. A Watcher is a woman who ensures the survival of the vampires; she represents and defends the coven and is often called to kill for the coven. Only a woman can be Watcher while the men fulfill a completely different role, that of vampire. Unfortunately, only five girls from each class is chosen to become Watchers, and to become a Watcher one has to survive and excel at combat, language, sciences, swimming etc. It is hard for Drew and the other recruits to accept this new world but after a disrespectful and doubtful recruit is killed in front of them they know that it is no joke, they must survive the Isle of Night. This task proved daunting to Drew, who was not the most physically capable teen. But like all the chosen trainees, she is gifted and she most use the gifts or die.
Can Drew survive the training and attacks by the other girls? Will she be able to follow the rules? Will she learn who she can or cannot trust? Read and find out - it is definitely a good read. You will love the characters!

P.S. Drew does make friends at her school and they help her in her quest.


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