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bookshelves: urban-fantasy, young-adult, the-holy-shelf-of-beauty, reviewed, 2017

Cracked is a gory, tense and action-packed book with hilarious undertone and heartfelt humor.I admit, I was expecting it to something like Drink, Slay, Love. You know something light and funny with few sad moments. But I was so wrong. This is nothing like that. Despite its humor, it has many of it's tragedies and I found myself clutching my heart in sadness morethan once. Okay, way more than once.

People, meet Meda. Meda, meet people. No Meda, you cannot eat them. They are good people.

So Meda here, is special. She is a half-demon and their is no one else like her. She is stronger and tougher than average human and have skin smooth and strong like steel. She is indestructible. She also eat people's souls. Well don't worry, she only eat bad people. The ones ghosts tell her to eat.
I eat souls. The packaging can be tricky, but fortunately I am blessed with special skills to pry my meals from their pesky shells. My teeth rip skin; my jaws snap bones. I am fast, lightning-fast, snuff–oh-was-that-your-life?–fast. I try to stick to bad souls, in the memory of my own mom (the nice sort). There were other reasons, reasons I used to understand, but they are reasons for a good person. I am not that.

The story start with Meda in an asylum, going to eat her food, who is a nurse named Samson. Samson is responsible for murdering a patient and that patient's ghost ask Meda to avenge her. After Meda was done with her food, she encountered three demons in suit like her. Yayy. But the problem is they want to kill Meda because Samson was supposed to be their food.
I’ve never been caught “eating” people before, but somehow I imagined a different reaction. For the barest moment the world sharpens and something tingles in my mind, a worry trying to work its way through the cotton.

But worries are for people who can’t pull grown men apart with their bare hands.

Meda fought but soon discover that she cannot win and at the last moment, rescued by a...a Crusader named Chi(short for Malachi and rhymes with die :)). Crusaders are righteous people whose job is to kill demons and protect Beacons-people who are expected to bring goodness in this world (Da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Einstein etc.). Chi, who is low on brain and high in bravery and self-righteousness, think Meda is a Beacon because she was attacked by demons. So to save herself from demons and to discover more about her kind, Meda lies and started pretending to be a Beacon. Clever.

She went to the Crusaders school along with Chi and his friends disguised as someone else. Soon after this, Meda and her friends found themselves fleeing for their lives escaping from demons who wants Meda for themselves. She also discovers secrets and lies about her past and her mother.

One thing I need to mention, I loved how these teenagers acted like teenagers. You know, as much as I loved Six of Crows duology, one thing that always nagged me was how adultish those characters appeared. This is the case with many other YA books btw, but thankfully not in this. The main characters were all teenagers and stronger then normal humans but still behaved like teenagers. They made mistakes and they sometimes acted like complete idiots but in the end they learn and try not to repeat it. I love how adults play important role in this book and gave direction to Meda and her crew throughout the book.

Also can we talk about how beautifully the action and fighting scenes were written? Just see for youself please.
Then the Hunger howls through my veins, sweeping everything up in its frenzied tide. I jerk him from the corner, popping him free like a hermit crab from its shell, and he comes apart in my hands. So easily. Imagine a child at their first birthday.

He is the cake.

I hear myself laughing, screeching, cackling. The world is red hot and pulsing. On fire.

His soul erupts from his carcass, a roiling grey gas, like a thundercloud. The Hunger roars and I dive for the soul. It pours through me, sparkling and beautiful, filling me, stretching me, until it feels as though my skin can’t contain it. I arch my back, my arms wide. I am a canyon surrounding a river of beauty.
The water recedes and I am left a bubbling mess of contentment, burbling with victory.

I crouch down and let the hot joy of an impending slaughter fill me. The inner monster, whom I kept on a tight leash while the others got to play,dances in delight. I grin and it's all teeth. They crouch, ridiculous in suits She's even in heels.

I remember my hard-learnt lesson the last time I fought demons and decide to start with the feint this time. I spring right for the girl, then, at the last second, twist and come down on the man in the middle. He screams as I rake his face. My hand closes on his scalp as he jerks, twisting away from me. I come away with a fistful of hair. Without pausing, I spin and dive at the woman, slamming her into the wall. I wrap my hand around her throat as the third one rips me off her. Her throat comes with me.

One more ple-okay sorry this is enough. I don't want to quote the whole book.

Now, the characters. Everyone's talking about Meda but you know what? I love all of my precious babies equally. All of the characters were simply amazing and complex and beautiful.

Let's start with Meda. I think Meda is becoming one of my favourite heroines right next to Kate, Nina, Inej and Sarai. Seriously what's there not to love about this chick?

She has amazing inner monologue:
The only conversation between us is the tap of our feet.
Pit-pat, mine say.
Pit-thunk, hers reply.
Pit-pat, mine insist.
Pit-thunk, hers maintain.
My little skip and slide earns a funny look from Jo.
What? It's tiresome the way they argue.

She was able to be sarcastic even when their lives are at stake:
lift cement eyelids. I’m not dead. Hands press unevenly beneath me, lifting me, like I’m floating on a wavy pool. Flickering candlelight illuminates a ceiling painted with grey, red and cream. Writhing naked bodies, monsters, fires, blood and storms. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be an image of an orgy or Hell. The walls are black and slick.

This too:
"Battle cry,” he explains. “We have to hurry.” No, really? I thought maybe we'd hang around.

She is a total badass
Ah, well. You should know. I don't live to make other people happy.

Just because I’m going to die is no reason not to enjoy inflicting as much damage as possible. What can I say? I’m a glass-half-full kind of girl.

I can't really say that I'm like Meda but sometimes she says something so crazy to which I can relate so much. These are my favourite quotes by Meda:
As parties go, the food is good but the hosts are complete assholes.

The new attendee, a man, crouches in the doorway. Well, not really a man, a human teenager. One of God’s most misbegotten creatures – big like grown-ups and yet dumb like children. Selfish, moody, reckless, with a tendency to sleep too much and complain too often. I’m a teenager too, but I take exception to the human part.

“I study the little creature in front of me. What is it about these dwarfish little humans? They lack smarts, lack skills and they never seem to have much money. Yet they are powerful little monsters – adults dance to the tunes played by their chubby little fingers. Is it the disproportionately big head? Or the eyes too big for that head? Did I have this effect on my own mother? Was that why she believed in my goodness, despite all evidence to the contrary?
Suddenly the lower lip pokes out and the eyes grow even bigger. I feel a tug in the region where my heart should be… I want to give it things…
Ahhhhhh! Look away! Look away! Evil, ensnaring, hypnotic monster.
Just kidding, but it is kind of cute. I feed it a cracker.”

Awww Meda :')

But Meda is not all badass and powerful. She knows that her power to eat souls is wrong and she needs to keep her addiction in check. She regrets her 'Hanger' after she had eaten.
Samson, this foul piece of slime, understands me better than she ever did. But unlike him, at least I’m ashamed of my wickedness – when I’m not reveling in it. Like a dog wallowing in a mud pool, I love the glop and splash of ick. It’s not until after, when the stink dries stiff and itchy that I regret it. Other wicked things, like Samson, don’t feel the guilt. They don’t have a memory-mom tsking and shaking her head.

She loves her mother and I love how she constantly refers that her mother would've been angry if she does anything wrong. Even though her mother is dead, their relation is potrayed beautifully.
I let out a breath and change the topic. “Sometimes…” I don’t want to say it, but he’s the only one who might understand. “Sometimes, I forget what she looks like. I can’t picture her. I’m losing my memories, and I just want to hold on to all of them, like a book, to read over and over again. I loved her, and yet sometimes I can’t even picture her smile.”

Part girl,part machine-all ninja.

Jo is another tough kick-ass character. She wants to be crusader but lost one of her leg in fight with demons in which her parents also died. Now everybody take pity on her and no one ever let her fight. She tries so hard to prove herself to everyone but still many people believes that she is someone who needs their help. She is just angry at herself for being angry that all her dreams are taken away.
"How about God? I’ve dedicated my life to His service and everything is part of His plan. If He has decided that I best serve His needs as a cripple, who am I to say it should be otherwise?” She looks up, meeting my eyes. It’s nice she remembers I’m here. “I’ll tell you who’s left. Me. I can hate myself for feeling the way I do, for being unable to accept it. But when you hate yourself for hating yourself – how the hell do you get out of that?”

She also happens to be very clever and thereforeis extremely suspicious of Meda. But then slowly and steadily both of these girls were able set aside their differences and become 'best of friends'. Their friendship is one of the best thing in this book honestly
“You’re my best friend?” I’m horrified.
She raises an eyebrow. “Oh, I’m sorry – you have someone else in mind?”
No. “Wait, I’m your best friend?” An interesting accusation.
She snorts. “I think you might be my only friend. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but...."(...)"People sometimes find me hard to get along with.”
“Naw. I don’t see it.” My eyes are wide and innocent.
She laughs. It’s hard to hate someone who so freely embraces their horridness.

The romance between Chi and Jo is one of the best best-friends-turned-lovers romance out there,IMO. Theyused to be best friends but after Jo's injury, she started cutting Chi off. There is lot of drama and teenage angst which would've been annoying under normal circumstances but due to Meda's awesome narration, it was so much fun.
I love good torture as much as the next demon, but this is getting ridiculous. Jo spends her days hurting the man she loves in an attempt not to hurt him and Chi wanders around baffled, setting himself up again and again for her crushing blows, not understanding why his best friend keeps kicking him down. For him, it must be like a body-snatcher stole her away. She walks and talks, but she’s not Jo. Not his Jo. But he can’t stay away. They are tied together and, the more one struggles to be free, the more it hurts the other.

Oh and lastly, Uri. Uri is the cutest thing ever. He is Chi's sidekick and seems to follow him everyewhere. But in reality this kid has more depth to him than it appears. He is always ready to fight for what he think is right because better to die for something you believe in than to live for nothing at all

Oh and Uri and Meda food game is simply hilarious. Now I'm going to try this with my friend.

But as much as I loved it,there were few issues with this too. Firstly, I think the ending was just too...neat. After all those action, I was expecting a cliffhanger. Hell, I was rooting for a brutal cliffhanger that would make me jump to next book immediately but everything was wrapped up just too nicely. Every question was answered and everyone was save and happy and I did not like that. Second one is a huge spoiler okay. Read it on your risk. (view spoiler)

However, overall it was great read and if you are a fan of YA fantasy, please read this book. You need this book in your life.
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This book is actually very good but I'm reading this extremely slowly. I'm just getting really annoyed by my own reading speed. :("
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90.0% "“So which do you want?” I ask as I dangle them between us, tin tokens of friendship between a demon and its hunter.

I love the female friendship in this book❤"
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Ahmed  Ejaz For brutal cliffhangers, read the Falling Kingdoms series. I think the word 'brutal' is a little understatement for the cliffhangers of this series. Especially for the cliffhanger of the 2nd last book, Crystal Storm. ^^

Hiba Thanks! That series have been on my radar, I'm gonna check it out soon.

Dilinna Hey love....i am abt to finish the series i am reading nw and start this one u suggested to me....pls tell me the series is already complete...

Hiba Dilinna wrote: "Hey love....i am abt to finish the series i am reading nw and start this one u suggested to me....pls tell me the series is already complete..."

Yess it's completed!! It's a triology. I hope you love it. <33

Dilinna Hiba wrote: "Dilinna wrote: "Hey love....i am abt to finish the series i am reading nw and start this one u suggested to me....pls tell me the series is already complete..."

Yess it's completed!! It's a triolo..."

I hope i love it too dear!!!

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