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Everlasting by Suzanne Halliday
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it was amazing

Every time I start a Family Justice novel, it feels like coming home. Like coming home to the best place you know, with the most incredible people you love and can't get enough of. That feeling is one of the best feelings. Ever. I literally do not have enough positive adjectives to describe what it's like to feel that, or to accurately describe how amazing that is to experience. Suzanne Halliday has made that feeling of home tangible in every single book she has ever written, but especially in her Justice novels. They just feel good. So unforgettably good. They warm the soul, they melt the heart, and they give you it all.

I have been reading these books for years, and I could read more of them for the rest of time and it still would not be enough with these characters and this world. That is how much I love this series. That is how much Suzanne Halliday has completely invested me heart and soul in these books and with these characters. That is how much I LOVE every second I get to spend in this world. That is how truly incredible these books and this series is. That is how exceptional this book is, and how phenomenal of an addition it is to this series.

Everlasting is the sixth book in the Justice Saga, and it goes without saying that these books must be read in order. The way that they all connect, the way that they build upon one another, deepening everything and investing every part of your heart and soul in these characters lives and this unique and amazing family is nothing short of spectacular. Every book deepens the connection I feel to each of these characters. Every book makes me love all these characters more. Every book solidifies my love of this series and what this phenomenal author continues to give me in all of these books. Every book in this series just makes me happy, fills my heart, and gives me everything I need.

This series and what it gives you is why I am a lover of books, and series especially. The way that Suzanne Halliday makes each of these characters and couples distinctive. The way she lets you see their continuing evolution with themselves and each other, and the way she makes it all so real, so all-feeling, and so completely amazing is what makes this series the exceptional thing that it is. To have gotten to spend this much time with them all, to have fallen in love with each and every one of them as much as I have, to have gotten the phenomenal level of understanding I have with these amazing characters, and to have been with them every step of the way is everything. Everything and then some.

The magic and meaning and love and life and family that Suzanne Halliday has created with these characters will stay with me forever. I truly hope she never ends this series because I will always want more with these amazing characters she's created. I will always want to learn more about them, I will always want to experience these life changing moments with them, and I will always want to get to know the new characters that come into this world and make this family the wonderfully distinctive group that it is.

Everlasting is the next chapter in the Justice Saga that follows the whole Justice crew as their worlds really begin to change. There are marriages, lots of babies, couples getting stronger, new couples forming, new friendships and relationships developing, all while this group of incredible characters bounds together to find that happily ever they all so want and so truly deserve. This book definitely pushes many of them, especially as the Justice brothers must complete one last mission to get them all closer to that happily ever after they all are fighting for. With the perfect blend of heart, heat, connection and fire, thrown in with the most beautiful meaningful moments, along with some thrilling action and twists and turns, Everlasting delivers it all.

I truly can't say enough good things about this book and what I got with its characters. Whether is was Meghan and Alex, Drae and Tori, Lacey and Cam, Remy and Finn, Stephanie and Calder, Parker and Angie, Sophie and Jace, Heather and Brody, or the other amazing members of family Justice, my heart was bursting with what I got with all of them. My heart is beyond seared to all of these characters and couples, the journeys they are on together, and how they each make up the beautiful puzzle and picture that is Family Justice. I read this book with the biggest smile on my face, with a heart full of emotions, feeling as if I was living every word with these characters because of how spectacularly Suzanne Halliday crafted this book.

I could have kept going for pages and pages, and hours and hours with these characters through it all in this book because that's how much I loved and felt and lived and breathed every word of this story. The way that Suzanne continues to develop this amazing world of characters, and the way she so breathtakingly creates a place and world I wish I could visit, truly sets this series apart in the best possible way. I can't say that enough. She wows on every page, through every chapter, through everything she gives you with her characters. She shows you their fight and strength and tenacity, all while showing the most mesmerizing and honest vulnerability with them too. She shows you their triumphs, their fears and worries, their heart and emotions, and every bit of what they've got inside themselves to push through what comes there way to fight to end up where they all want to be.

The level of investment and understanding and love I have of each and every one of these characters speaks to the exceptional storytelling and crafting Suzanne Halliday brings through every book in this series, and all of her books. Her writing and what she so spectacularly weaves together is what continues to make her one of my all-time favorite authors, and is what makes this series so good to read. The way she puts you right in the thick of it, the way she so seamlessly allows you to get into these characters' heads, and the way she lets you feel it all through every word is everything.

I could literally go on and on about how much I love this series, and how much I loved this addition to this saga. This book was the perfect next installment in a series I can't get enough of. It balanced everything so wonderfully, and gave me so many moments with these characters that I will never forget. Truly. So many of the moments in this book with these characters had me knowing why this is one of my favorite series, and had me so overcome in the best way with what I was getting with them all. I can't wait for more, and I truly hope Suzanne Halliday continues these books for years to come because I will never get enough.

Everlasting was another unforgettable and completely enthralling addition to this series. Suzanne Halliday blew me away with everything she gave me in this book. She is an incredibly talented author, and this series and all of her books continue to wow me again and again. Everlasting was full of family, friendship, love, hope, loyalty, and all things Justice, and I loved every amazing word of it. When I picked up Broken Justice all those years ago, I could've never imagined that I would be embarking on reading one of the best and most amazing series I have ever read, as well as discovering a new author that quickly became one of my all-time favorites. I will be forever grateful that I found that book because it gave me these characters, this wondrous world, and this phenomenal author and her amazing writing, and I can't say enough good things about all of that.

I said it before and I'll say it again, this series is like coming home always there to welcome you back. It gives the best feels, the best of everything, and it just is a wonderful place to be. I can't say that enough, and I can't say enough how much you NEED this series in your life if you haven't experienced its literal amazingness yet. Trust me. Family Justice is the best gang around, and you will love every unforgettable moment you get with them all!

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