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Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield
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really liked it
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Summary…from the back of the book…sort of summarized again…
Hunted is a fantasy about a paranormal family on the run from the government. The government tracks, hunts down and tortures people with paranormal abilities. Caitlyn and her mom are all that is left of their family. Her father has been murdered and her brother kidnapped. Caitlyn’s mom has lost her paranormal abilities due to trauma but Caitlyn’s are stronger than ever. She and her mom are always on the run in order to avoid being captured. They eventually hide out in a seedy motel in the heart of a city where Caitlyn attends high school in an attempt to be normal and go unnoticed. Unknown to her, Daniel, her brother, is also attending the same school. He has a huge plan to overthrow the government and allow for a paranormal takeover. This plan and Daniel’s attempts to take Cailyn along with him lead to an explosive ending.

My thoughts…
There was no nonsense in this book about true paranormals. It is fast paced, most definitely exciting and truly different from the standard variety paranormal book.
This society believes that ‘paras’ are evil. When they are hunted down they are tortured and forced to work for the government to track and take down other paranormals. It is a sad and lonely and secretive life. Caitlyn and her mother are constantly moving and are always in danger of being captured. In addition to this, Caitlyn’s powers are very strong…she is a very powerful paranormal. She also writes an underground paranormal blog that places her in even more danger from the Para Troopers. There is an undercurrent of revolution simmering and more and more people are sympathetic to paranormals but again…these activities are all very underground and secretive.
No one is really quite sure if anyone can really be trusted. From the moment Caitlyn steps into her school there is drama. She meets Rachel…who is gay…Alex…who is black and there is much talk of many kinds of oppression. There is a love interest with Alex…although Rachel wishes it was with her. There is Becca…the mean girl…who is being controlled by Daniel who is also going to the same school. And yes…a huge surprise when Caitlyn realizes her long lost brother is attending the same school. I can’t begin to tell you how quickly this novel flows. Caitlyn does not hide very well and she is suspected of being different almost from the start. Secrets are unfolded and there is a very drama filled ending.
This author has had to recover from ritual abuse within her own life and this is reflected in her writing. I found myself feeling intensely for the paranormals who were singled out by an evil government. They were forced to stay hidden and on the run. It was quite sad and very believable and real.
I found this to be a thought provoking book.
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