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Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks
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Sep 10, 2011

it was amazing
Read in September, 2011

In this final installment of the Night Angel Trilogy, we find ourselves at the Battlefield of Pavvil’s Grove, where Logan Gyre defeated the Khalidorians at the end of Shadow’s Edge. Queen Terah Graesin did absolutely nothing to save her people, so she is clearly questioning whether Logan will be challenging her for the throne. As is always the case with Logan, he keeps his promise to be loyal to Terah. Despite everything he has gone through, Logan is an honorable man.

Kylar Stern realizes that he can’t allow Terah to live. Under her rule, the Cenarians would suffer and many or most would die. It is in the best interest of the Kingdom for Logan to claim his rightful place as King. Against Logan’s direct orders, Kylar sets out to murder the Queen, even knowing that Logan will be forced to give him the death penalty in return. Of course, we readers know that Kylar is immortal and will return from the dead. But Logan doesn’t know that, which makes Kylar’s death the most difficult decision he has ever had to make. In the end however, Logan is King of Cenaria, and Kylar is finally hopeful for the future.

After Kylar comes back to life, he is finally able to focus on his relationship with Elene. In spite of his magical bond to Vi, Kylar and Elene are able to find happiness for a season with Vi’s help. The resolution of this plotline is intense and shocking. You won’t be disappointed.

Of course, the big cliffhanger at the end of Shadow’s Edge was that Durzo Blint is still alive. Durzo fans will be happy to know that he has been given one last life to live. He is no longer immortal, but he has the chance to live the life of his choosing.

The final epic battle in this series finds Logan Gyre leading Cenaria in an attack on the new Godking and his Khalidorians. Defeating Khalidor may seem like an impossible task, but the destinies of other characters in the book have led to some unusual allies for Logan. Suddenly he is not standing alone. In fact, we find warriors from every Kingdom fighting along side of Logan Gyre.

Coming to the end of a favorite series is both satisfying and depressing. As much as I was desperate to find out how this story would resolve for each character, I’m equally sad to lose my connection to this world. The author did a great job of resolving the primary storylines, but I still had a few questions that will now forever go unanswered. **sigh**

It is probably pretty obvious that I loved this series. I’ve given all three books top ratings in my reviews. The characters are interesting and complicated whether they are good or bad, the villains and their henchmen are gruesome and deeply evil, and the line between right and wrong is being straddled by even the best people in the story.

The ongoing theme to the entire series is a simple question that has been debated throughout history: does the end justify the means?…Is it okay to murder one person if it will save many other lives? Is it okay to lie and manipulate if it means safety? Is it okay to break a promise if you have a really good reason? This book debates all of those questions, but in the end, the answers are different for each character. And in the end, the way of honor and justice prevails. It was brilliantly written.

I highly recommend this series to fans of epic/dark fantasies. This is definitely an adult novel due to the graphic nature of some of the violence.

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