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Lust After Death by Daisy Harris
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Sep 10, 2011

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I have conflicted feelings about this book. I love this world and the concept but the romance made me uneasy. But let’s start with the good stuff.

I hate to use the word zombie, because so many people hear the “Z” word and run screaming the other way. In this world, the bad guys work for Synaviv, a company that takes dead people, and reanimates them. They program them with computers, and can make them learn as much or as little as they want. They do have certain needs to stay alive and they also can be controlled by their maker.

Josie is reanimated to become a wife to Adam, a scientist. He programmed her to crave a person’s touch, and if she doesn’t receive it then she slowly dies. She is with him until Bane Connor shows up. An assassin, he works for the Zombie Underground who work against Synaviv. He kills their people, and rescues the zombies that have been created, of which he was one of them. He takes these rescued zombies back to the Zombie Underground where they usually reset their memories and clear all of their programming, allowing them to then lead a “normal” life.

I love the idea of this book. Quite short, I could have spent many more pages in this world. I actually think a more in-depth look into Synaviv and the Zombie Underground would have been much more beneficial. Bane is a nice alpha who is ready to have his own memories reset so he forget all the killing he has done, but becomes conflicted after he meets Josie. All Josie knows is Adam, so when she is taken by Bane, even though for her own good, it is a new environment for her. She is not programmed to know much outside of being a wife, so she is quite lost at the beginning.

And now moving into what I didn’t love about this book. Josie needs skin to skin touch to stay alive in her undead form. From the first time he sees her through a window while she takes a bath and he starts touching himself while watching her. He calls himself a pervert and he has guilt – well yeah. That is a little skeevy. And then once he does retrieve her, they are left on their own for a few days until they can get rescued. Again, he knows she needs skin to skin contact – but that doesn’t necessarily mean she needs sex. Her creator programmed her like this so that she would need touch, from him, and his sick ways. But very soon after they have this discussion, Josie is curious about sex and some visions she is able to see in his head and Bane follows through with this. He encourages her to touch him and give him a blow job. It felt like he was taking advantage of her. I get she is programmed for this – but she is PROGRAMMED for this. Kind of came across as skeevy rather than sexy to me.

So, take out how the romance started, I like this book. I’m glad Bane and Josie get a HEA, I just didn’t love the romance road we take to get there. But I would love to revisit this world with a different hero and heroine.

Rating: C
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orannia Great review Mandi, not the book for me. Me + not equal *grin*

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