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Claimed By Shadow by Karen Chance
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Sep 10, 2011

liked it

I like this series because it is very well written, has a great plot line, and Karen Chance describes everything really good. Sometimes in a series it takes 2-3 books for you to 'get into the world' but even the first book felt more like book two or three in a series thanks to all the detailed explanations.

However, I also have some problems with this series: Like I said, I love all the detailed explanations but Karen Chance tends to go into them right in the middle of action scenes which completely disrupts the flow. I keep reading these books and it feels like nothing is happening. This series has the potential to be action and excitement packed but I just can't get excited and thrilled because the action is interupted usually by some lengthy conversation. I found that I have no problem to stop reading right in the middle of what should be an action scene.
Another issue I have is with Cassandra going about things: She has no real power because she doeesn't know how to use the power she has been given but still she goes off completely on her own and whants to take down a powerfull vampire and Myra, her competition. Really? What is the masterplan here? Tickle them into submission? She doesn't strike me as a TSTL kind of heroine so WTH is she thinking? I do understand the fact that she doesn't want to be used and manipulated but in my humble opinion she should have sticked to the devil she knows (the vampire counsil, have them train and help her, and take down her enemies. She still could have fought them for independence in other ways. This is something I like about heroines like Riley Jenson or Kat from the Nighthuntress series: They are in situations they don't like but they make the best out of them and use the people who use them. It just seems to me that Cassie didn't think that one through.
And another minor problem I had: The first book ended kind of apruptly with her being in the past so I expected this book to begin where it ended. It didn't and I wondered for half of the book how she managed to get out of the MAGIC head quarter with everybody wanting a piece of her. It took half of the book to finally come up with a kind of halfhearted explanation.
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