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Drink Deep by Chloe Neill
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Sep 10, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: urban-fantasy, swoon-worthy-men, vampires, kick-ass-heroines


How to describe this book? Cathartic? Brilliant? I'm just so full of emotion right now it's hard to put words to just how amazing this book is.

I know the first question you all have in your minds. It's what was in mine before I read this book, and I poured through pre-release reviews trying to find an answer, a hint to the most important question of Drink Deep. Will we get some kind of hope in the whole Ethan situation? I won't spoil with specifics, but I will tell you that yes, Drink Deep will give you the answers you yearn for and the peace you crave. It will start heal the wounds Hard Bitten inflicted on your heart. And it won't insult your intelligence with half baked solutions, or promises for the future. Nope you'll get all the peace you need from this one glorious book.

The journey in Drink Deep is not an easy one. Merit and everyone she cares for are surrounded by judgmental idiots and fools with the power to make their lives miserable. You'll want to scream, and rail, and smack the Receivership, the new mayor, and of course McKetrick. The city is going to hell in a hand basket with some kind of elemental apocalypse (think rivers darkened, skies turned red, mountains erupting in the middle of the city), and the vampires are the only ones trying to fix it. The rest of the aforementioned fools just throw roadblocks and petty judgments that will make you twitchy.

But Merit is lovely, heroic, honorable, and loyal throughout the story. She's every bit the heroine we've come to love, and in Drink Deep we see her loyalties tested even more keenly then we have in the past. Which also means she has a chance to shine even more. Our girl is a rock, and she and Cadogan house are the only things standing between Chicago and destruction.

I have to give a shout out to Cadogan here. I've always loved Merit, but this book made me fall in love with Cadogan house. There are some truly rousing moments of house solidarity that will make you want to cheer. Consider me a t-shirt wearing, flag waving fan! Go Cadogan!

So my advice? Pick up this book as soon a possible. Bear through the hard parts, resist the urge to smack the evil baddies, and just keep reading. The plot is great, and this book's ending will blow your mind. It was everything I hoped for after reading Hard Bitten, and so much more. I literally cried just as much at the end of this book, but this time the tears weren't tears of sadness, but of joy, accompanied by a lot of laughter and rousing "YEAHS!" and "TAKE THAT YOU WEASELLY BASTARDS !" I loved it and I know you will to.
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