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House of Chains by Steven Erikson
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Sep 08, 2011

liked it

I have very mixed feelings about House of Chains. There were some things about it that I really liked and others that I didn't. I liked the characters and narrative arc; I didn't like the "convenience" of the ending or the way parts of the story felt forced.

This was the first of the four books that really seemed to explain the background and history of the races, conflicts, etc. Through the first three books, I constantly felt lost. Now for the first time, the gaps are starting to be filled in.

One problem with the book is that the plot progressed a bit like a movie script. Particularly with the Karsa Orlong character, things happen conveniently, as though the author needs them to happen so he can get through the story. At times it began to feel forced. Also, the way everything happens at the end felt a little too convenient. This is clearly a byproduct of his narrative style, but I felt that the first book accomplished it much better than the ones since.

All that being said, Erikson has created a world that is unique and captivating enough to sustain a ten-book series.

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