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Hammered by Kevin Hearne
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12/14/2011 page 12
4.0% " Ratatosk said with delicious anticipation. His euphemism startled me, until I remembered that I was talking to a squirrel."
12/15/2011 page 32
10.0% "I wrote a brief poem in Old Norse... " This is just to say I have stolen The plums That were in Your fruit bowl And which You were probably Saving For the Norns Freyja's tits! They were delicious So sweet And so cold" I signed it, 'You're all stupid. You can lick me, Bacchus,' and then stuffed every one of the plums into my pockets."
12/19/2011 page 145
47.0% "There was no question of fighting Bacchus...Unbidden, a appropriate sentiment bubbled from my lips: '"Therefore, dear boy, mount on my swiftest horse; and I'll direct thee how thou shalt escape by sudden flight: come, dally not, be gone,"' I said, quoting from Henry VI, Part I. Shakespeare's genius was that he had something to say about almost any situation--even fleeing from a Roman god in a Mustang."
12/19/2011 page 148
48.0% "Leif and Gunnar craned their heads around once we were stopped and saw Bacchus trying to deal with a very annoyed pair of large cats. 'Oh noes, kitteh haz major angriez!' I said. I turned around to share a laugh with my companions and found them glaring at me."
12/19/2011 page 148
48.0% "Leif shook a finger and said in a low, menacing tone, 'If you tell me I have to talk like an illiterate halfwit to fit into this society, I will punch you.'...'Lolcat iz new happeh wai 2 talk,' I explained to them. 'U doan haz 2 be kitteh 2 speek it.'"
12/19/2011 page 165
53.0% "His blue eyes crackled briefly with lightning, a much more impressive version of the special effect they did on the eyes in Stargate."
12/23/2011 page 235
76.0% "This time, the Well of Mimir was being watched. An eagle let out one of those "Ee-yaahh!" cries that now remind me of the title music to The Colbert Report, and we all turned our heads to find the source."
12/25/2011 page 242
78.0% "Instead, we saw two giants squelching noisily in what I cannot help but call a monstrous fuckpuddle."
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