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The Waking Land by Callie Bates
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did not like it

Yet another disappointment. After reading the synopsis, I was so so so excited for this book, but sadly, it just didn't deliver at all. I ended up DNF’ing it with about 100 pages left. The main character annoyed me so much and there was just no plot at all. It was confusing and boring.

The main character, Elanna, like I said, was so incredibly annoying and obnoxious. Also, she’s a terrible friend. Minor spoiler alert, but she leaves behind her best friend to be either imprisoned or killed because it’s an inconvenience?? Yeah no. If you do that, I wouldn’t call yourself her best friend anymore. She was so clueless and dumb and acted like she was trying to be like just about every other YA heroine, but was failing.

Also, the romance totally came out of nowhere. I kind of figured she would fall in love with this one guy, but I feel like one minute they were friends, and the next she had fallen in love with him. It was very insta-lovey to me. I’m also really confused about the whole marrying the ground part?? I was so confused I couldn’t tell if she had actually done it or not, but she kept talking about it and how she wanted to. Like what does that even mean?

The worldbuilding was subpar. It could have been worse though. The place names were all so similar and I was constantly confused about where/what certain places were. I could have sworn Ida was a kingdom, but then later on it seemed like it was a city or part of a country or something? I was confused. But really, there was so much potential for world building, but it just did not deliver. It was confusing and not well fleshed out, though you could see the author was trying.

I don’t have much to say about the writing other than that it was boring and simple. It wasn’t very beautiful or poetic or anything, just basic. Not in a bad way, there was just nothing about it that stood out at all.

Also, like I said, there was basically no plot at all, and when there was, it was super boring. Basically nothing happened at all and finally at around page 250 in the eARC, I was so bored of it, I just stopped reading. Elanna flees for her life when she is accused of murdering the king who raised her and then finds her way back to her family, who is plotting a revolution. Oh and another thing that annoyed me, her father basically said to her that he was only glad she was back because she would be useful in the revolution. Not because he cared about her or anything. Just the whole relationship with her parents was so terrible and forced.

Overall, I clearly did not enjoy this book. It was boring, confusing, and all around, forced. All the relationships and everything felt so forced and not real. The characters were all boring and cliché as well. I personally, would not recommend this book, but I could see some liking it. So, if it does seem interesting to you, then check it out.
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16.75% "I am conflicted"
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18.0% "I'm really pissed off that's just let them leave her friend behind? like she didn't protest or anything and now her friend will most likely die. "best friend" smh"
July 21, 2017 –
page 125
31.25% "so he's saying he wanted her back not because he loved her but because without her their revolution could not happen? the characters in this book and the things they say make me so mad"
July 21, 2017 –
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48.25% "I'm really confused. she continually says she speaks this one language perfectly and aristocratic?? so is she saying if you're not an aristocrat, you don't speak the language perfectly? I'm so confused"
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