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Article 5 by Kristen Simmons
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I have to admit to a mostly social liberal bias here before we start. From that viewpoint, the idea that social conservatives managed to use some kind of disaster or war to force the government to repeal the Bill of Rights is not just a horror story, it seems horrifyingly plausible. Not that the rest of us would just sit back and take it, but enough might want to avoid more bloodshed to end up like this, which is scary.
The characters and their love story aren't quite as moving as the world building though which is why I can't give this the full 5 stars. Ember and Chase are interesting, but they just didn't feel quite real too me, especially regarding each other. And unfortunately I can't for the life of me remember why I shelved this under Norse mythology, but it is going to stay there just in case.
The leftist/progressive/non-conservative viewpoint put forward in this book may bother some parents. There is a good deal of violence which, while not as graphic as it could be, is still fairly mature, including brainwashing camps, murder/death penalty of political prisoners and soldiers hunting people. The romance is fairly tame if I remember, going no farther than kissing (but it is also talked about as racy because of their society). I don't remember the language in this, but knowing YA literature it probably had a little cursing.

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