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Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield
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really liked it
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I am a big fan of paranormal YA books and Cheryl did a wonderful job encapsulating all of the basics of a great paranormal book!

Caitlyn is a para, which is basically a person who has any kind of 'extra' powers. The book starts off with Caitlyn and her Mom on the run from the Normals, those without power, and ends up close to the city...a place where paras can hide. Immediately Caitlyn is challenged at her new school because they are VERY prejudiced against anything that isn't Normal and they have Para warning posters all over there school. Reminded me a lot of segregation and/or the red scare...that whole paranoia over the unknown and using fear to manipulate people... Anyways. Caitlyn falls for a guy (African-American descent) and makes her first friend (a lesbian). I use these descriptions because a lot of the book revolves around the characters using their prejudices and behaviors of those who are prejudiced as a tool to try to create change.

Caitlyn discovers she isn't the only Para at the school and learns about a dangerous Para renegade squad...she has to try to protect herself and her friends and also stand up for what she believes in.

Sometimes, yes, the message was a little forced. But it didn't detract from the point of the story and you found yourself cheering for Caitlyn and Rachel when they had their snide comments to the bullies or the lectures about not judging others. BUT this story did what others that I've read failed to do and that is really put forth a message that the biggest problem in society isn't drugs, alcohol, or those things that we try to cram down our teens throats, but instead acceptance. Acceptance of the unknown, of things that you may not agree with but it's not your place to judge, acceptance of each other as human beings just trying to make your place in this world.

It was a great paranormal YA story but it was a more powerful message bringer to the masses and Cheryl crafted it so well that the message will not be missed and the point is sure to be made.
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