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Here Comes Trouble by Michael Moore
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Sep 08, 2011

it was amazing

Michael Moore is a Gem – One of a Kind!
My introduction to Michael Moore was his second of now four works of nonfiction, Stupid White Men. He impressed me as a very brave and progressive man. He names names, holding nothing back in exposing the real truth about real bad guys. Since then I’ve seen all his movies except the first, Roger & Me; which he at the last minute tried to change the name to Bad Day in Buick City. I’ll have to see it!
I had started to follow him on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. I receive a newsletter from him when he sends one out. I knew I liked him. Then I noticed on YouTube that he was supporting the Occupation Movement, which I think is really cool. Michael Moore.com is the only place I know to go to actually see written statements from the General Assembly. Their demands just make so much sense. I respect Michael Moore so much for telling us the not so simple truth.
OK! So on with my review of his new book, Here Comes Trouble! What makes it different from all of the other works? Here Comes Trouble is personal… very personal! He exposes the real truth of exactly what made Michael Moore such a real good guy!
“Smashing the autobiographical mold, he presents twenty-four far-ranging, irreverent, and stranger-than-fiction vignettes from his own early life.” Each one is like a tile in the mosaic of who Michael Moore is now. He says in an introductory “Note from the Author” that he wrote this his first book of short stories based on his own experiences, because he “wanted to commit them to paper while paper (and bookstores and libraries) still existed.” Michael Moore is also funny… very funny!
Here Comes Trouble has more making fun of himself humor, more references to stoners and more swear words than his movies have. It’s also more personal in how he was raised Catholic, wanted to be a priest, went to seminary, decided not to be a priest and still respects most tenants of the faith. We get to know his parents and what good people they were. His mom taught him to read at age 4 and did he ever read before he fell in love with movies!
So what are some of the other bricks that built Michael Moore into the Michael Moore that we know and love today? “The Execution of Michael Moore”…. “the Fear-of God glare emanating from the Mother Superior”…. The first homosexual boy in his neighborhood…. The relationship between his grandparents and the Chippewa Nation…. “One of the most famous works of sculpture in the history of the world: the Pieta, by Michelangelo”…. The Vietnam War…. His dad’s WWII experience…. The uprising, riots and burning of Detroit’s poor in July 1967…. An exorcism…. The Elks Club’s Caucasians Only policy…. A friend’s botched illegal abortion…. The Canadian sense of humor…. The two dates he had in high school…. Being the youngest person to hold public office in the nation…. Campaigning for Richard Nixon…. Running a troubled youth hotline…. Starting his first newspaper at age 9…. Confronting Ronald Reagan in Bitburg Germany…. Father George’s confession…. A terrorist attack on his Royal Jordanian flight…. Attending a hate expo under cover…. Witnessing the murder of the middle class by our own government…. And having a sense of Gratitude.
Goddess Bless Michael Moore!
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