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Two Princes of Summer by Nissa Leder
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really liked it

** spoiler alert ** Hi guys,

I’ve just finished a great fantasy book! “Two Princes Of Summer” by Nissa Leder is a story centred around a girl who goes to the fae land for a better life...does she get that, though?

“Two Princes Of Summer”, is told in third person, which worked as the story focused on lots of different elements. It would have been confusing to have different perspectives, and i don’t think that it would have really worked with just one, as there are parts of the story that the lead character isn’t a part of. The story only took me a day to read as well 🙂.

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3... - the Goodreads link to Two Princes Of Summer.

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Spoilers Below...

“If Scarlett had any choice, she would be far away from the garden of the dead. But her mom now rested there in a cherry wood casket.”

Scarlett is our main character in “Two Princes Of Summer”. She has an older sister, Ashleigh. They’ve lost their mother before the start of the story. At the beginning they’re at their mother’s grave.

Ashleigh doesn’t really have a role within this first book in the series. She’s more of an antagonist because she pushes Scarlett away. All Scarlett wants is a friendship with her sister, Ashleigh doesn’t appear to want that, though. I think Ashleigh will feature more in the next books in the series, where their relationship will be further explored.

“She wanted a sister who had her back. Any hopes Scarlett harbored had disappeared after the funeral. Since then, Ashleigh barely spoke to her.” However, when Ashleigh does speak her she’s really rude and judgemental. “You always complained about how hard your life was. I'm surprised you're not happy she's dead,” is an example of this as Ashleigh is mean to Scarlett.

Scarlett and Ashleigh’s mother had depression before she died. She also spoke to people who weren’t there. She was seemingly crazy. Scarlett doesn’t think all was right with her mother.

“Scarlett wanted to believe her mother had finally found her paradise. No matter where her mother resided now, Scarlett had to believe she wasn't in pain.”

Scarlett wants to have adventures. She isn’t content to just sit and wait for them to come to her. She wants her life to improve.

“Scarlett had always wished for more from life. More excitement. More surprises. More something. She craved new adventure.”

What she doesn’t expect is for a fae prince to come to her and to take her to the fae lands...

Cade is the Prince that takes her to Faerie.

“You're beautiful," he said. He was beautiful, not her.”

is what Cade says to her. He becomes chauvinistic, though when he listens to his mother, Kassandra. He even goes as far as to lock Scarlett in a prison, when his mother suggests it. Cade is one of the Prince’s Of Summer who’s father is ill. Does he die? Does Cade become King or does Raife, his brother. You’ll have to read to find out!

I liked Raith much more than Cade. Raith actually cared about Scarlett it seemed, whereas Cade just wanted her to further his chances at getting the Kingdom. Raith is the older brother and he grows as close to Scarlett, if not closer than Cade. “Hello, love.” Raith twirled the flower in his hands,” is what Raith says to Scarlett when she’s allowed outside, one day. The Kingdom is very much run by the fae royals. Because Raith isn’t Kassandra’s son, he’s ostracised by her and therefore everyone else in the Kingdom, except for Scarlett and his trainer, Jaser.

What else happens in this story of war, love and chaos? What does Scarlett discover about herself? You’ll have to read to find out!

What did I like about “Two Princes Of Summer”?

I liked how we knew the world was different in the fae lands. It was described more sinisterly.

I LOVED the romance that happened. I know who I like and want Scarlett to be with and I hope this comes more to fruition in the next books.

I liked how there were obvious villains. Sometimes in books it takes ages to actually work out who the evil characters are but in Two Princes Of Summer it was easy to see. This made the story progress more quickly.

I liked how there was a reason Scarlett ended up in Faerie. She had problems at home and was looking for an escape.

What didn’t I like about “Two Princes Of Summer”?

I didn’t like how lots of this story was strategy based. I highlighted so many strategy parts that I didn’t think were necessary to the overall plot of the story.

In summary, “Two Princes Of Summer” is a great, mysterious story, where you’re never quite sure what’s going on. That’s why I’m giving it 4.5 Stars! I can’t wait to read book 2, Prisoner Of Darkness!

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