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Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
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Sep 07, 2011

it was ok

This is an intense relationship. They start like friends, sharing time and blah blah, blah... And then, slowly, they develop a relationship, but not a good one.

Abby has problems with her dad, her mom and her life before college. She wants to change, she want to do the right stuff, and then she meets this guy so hot (and kind of mad), and starts to falling with him slowly. But the things aren't easy.

Travis has problems too (big ones, I have to say it... This guy has too much anger inside :O!! That's not effing sane, he’s possessive and intense). He's fighter, a womanizer, he doesn't give a fuck... But then he meets this girl who doesn’t want sleep with him (bullshit!) and he loses his mine for her... literally.

It's a story so about clichés:
1. A girl and a guy who only want to be friends.
2. A girl and a guy, who are friends and want to be more.
3. A guy who is a player (TOTALLY BAD GUY!) and then falling in love with the only girl who doesn't look interested in him.
4. A girl who don't want to fall in love with the bad guy (luck with that!) XD.
5. It’s not a cliché, but I have to say it: The author should have avoided writing some things. Too much pages that are dispensable

I think this book is no good for everyone (and I’m not talking about sex, this book have it, but is so soft). Abby and Travis have a so intense relationship, a kind of relationship that can be so destructive, so strong, so codependent, and is not good for kids or young girls read it.
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